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Distribution of saplings raised in nurseries run by Cauvery Calling:

  1. There are 3 production nurseries, where lakhs of saplings (timber and non-timber) are raised every year. These are distributed to beneficiaries at highly subsidized rates through 28 distribution points.
  2. Thousands of farmers have taken saplings through this model. Technical know-how is shared with farmers through brochures, a 12x7 helpline (80009-80009) and a trained team which visits the farmers’ fields and guides them on the spot as required.
  3. The entire cost is borne by Isha Outreach through donations raised from individual and corporate donors.

Farmer Production Nurseries - A unique livelihood opportunity for farmers

  1. 33 farmers trained to produce high-quality organic saplings.
  2. Sapling buy-back arrangement with farmers, making it a risk-free venture.

Farmer Distribution Nurseries - A unique livelihood opportunity for farmers

  1. Hand-holding 17 farmers in setting up nurseries
  2. Incentive for farmers on sale of saplings