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Exploring New Possibilities

Human Impact Stories
02 April, 2024
10:40 AM

Read the inspiring stories of how the education that four Isha Vidhya alumni received created a foundation for their success and personal growth, and how these alumni are now embracing entrepreneurship and evolving from students into innovative business owners.

Exploring New Possibilities | Isha Vidhya Article

We bring you an update on our first group of Class 12 alumni who have now embarked on their journeys beyond academia. Rather than opting for conventional jobs, some have chosen the path of entrepreneurship. In this newsletter, delve into the stories of these remarkable alumni, discover the motivations behind their unique career choices early in their professional lives, and explore how they are pursuing their chosen paths.


Hobby Turns Business

Vignesh transformed his hobby into a livelihood by establishing "Lingam Pets" with the goal of being his own boss. While studying on a scholarship, Vignesh excelled – particularly in high school – and credits his success to the valuable support and guidance of the teachers who brought clarity to his college education. Now, he provides financial support to his family. "Thanks to my school education, I'm running my business successfully," he says. Vignesh operates from a rented shop with some pets in his backyard and dreams of becoming a wholesale pet dealer in Tuticorin.


Art Fuels Agriculture

Bharani completed a diploma in agriculture—his passion. Yet, he sculpts idols and dolls to fund his dream venture in the agriculture sector. Initially, his parents disapproved, fearing a repeat of the struggles his father faced in the same trade. However, they eventually relented upon understanding his future plans. Bharani draws on his craft skills to ensure the sustainability of his sculpting venture. He credits Isha Vidhya for supporting his education and instilling discipline. The meditation techniques he learned there help him navigate the challenges in his business with a smile.


Building Dreams

Yugesh is the son of a skating master, and was sponsored by Isha Vidhya for most of his school education. His mother worked in the construction field, so while studying civil engineering, Yugesh learned about the field firsthand. After graduating, he worked for two years at building sites to learn the ropes of the business and now runs a full-fledged construction company. Yugesh takes complete responsibility for all the projects and says Isha Vidhya has shaped him to be helpful and handle all situations calmly.


Navigating Entrepreneurial Dreams

Priyadarshini's father's salary met their needs, but his work commitments often caused him to miss family events. Determined to have the freedom to be with her family whenever needed, she set out to become an entrepreneur. She took on leadership responsibilities at school that nurtured her inherent leadership qualities, which now contribute to her role as the owner of a gift shop with three employees. In this shop, she sells customized litho-printed items like coffee mugs and photo frames. She also promotes her business online and aspires to open more shops in the future.

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