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Tenacious Ten

Human Impact Stories
07 October, 2023
8:31 AM

In a display of remarkable dedication and academic prowess, Class 10 students at Isha Vidhya schools have achieved exceptional results, including a top score of 492/500. These young scholars' motivations extend beyond mere grades, and their individual stories highlight qualities such as determination, perseverance, and ambition. The top ten achievers not only set an example but also serve as a source of inspiration for other students.

Isha Vidhya Article | Tenacious Ten

Our Class 10 students have once again given us a reason to marvel at their deter-mined efforts to excel academically. These students don't simply pursue high marks, yet the highest score achieved was 492/500. Each of them has a unique motivation for striving to perform well.

Read the responses of the top ten students in our school when we asked them what motivates them to excel in their studies.


My ambition is to become a doctor, and that one thought keeps me constantly motivated to study well. I am a scholarship student since my parents can’t afford to pay my school fees. Medical expenses are burdensome, and I know how tough it was when I was hospitalized with typhoid two years back. So, when I become a doc-tor, I want to serve the poor for a nominal fee.”


Competing with my friends, who are studying in other schools and wanting to do better than my predecessors helped me excel. I love science, but I scored a centum in math. To achieve this, I studied for over ten hours every day. I am from a poor family, and my parents feel very proud that I’m getting a good education. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam inspires me immensely, and I want to work as a space scientist at ISRO.”


My mother and teachers had complete faith in my abilities, and I didn’t want to disappoint them, so I studied sincerely. While waiting for the results, I was nerv-ous about letting them down. Our teachers had coached us so well and made studying easy, while at home it was my mother who assured of my diligence and was constantly supportive. So, I was thrilled with my results.”


I wanted to reduce my parents’ burden of paying for my education, and the on-ly option for me was to score well and get a merit scholarship. My parents are thrilled with my results – a first in the family too. My teachers constantly helped with my studies at school, but I was self-motivated at home. I want to study engineering at NIT or IIT.”


I study diligently to outperform my previous exam scores. It helps to raise the bar for the future – so I’m constantly improving. Also, my top-scoring classmates inspire me to study diligently. I had completed preparing for all the subjects early, so I had more time for revising and preparing better. When I knew I was the school top-per, I felt happy and am gearing up to get even better.”


I study diligently not to be the top student, but to be the best student. Furthermore, my parents’ hardships motivate me to excel in my studies. Our teachers instructed us to learn without memorizing and patiently clarified all our queries, so learning was made easy at school, thanks to their sound guidance.

I’m now studying math and biology in class 11 and hope to become a cardiologist and fulfill my mother’s wish.”


I wanted to become the school topper to show my respect and gratitude to my teachers and parents. I did better than I had hoped and scored the highest in math which is my favorite subject. My father is a farmer, and I want to become an agriculturist to help improve farmers’ lives and bring a change in agriculture.”


I studied earnestly to score more than 450/500 to become eligible for a merit scholarship, but I didn’t expect to become the school topper. My parents are un-educated and are happy with my results. I want to become the first doctor in my family, so during my summer holidays, I watched videos related to NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) and how to crack it.”


I am just fascinated and interested in studying – I had no intention to top, but I was happy and excited when it happened. I love math and revised it more than any other subject and scored the most marks in it. I study intently for a secure future with a well-paying job to support my family. I want to pursue aeronautical engineer-ing and stay connected to math.”


My ambition to become a scientist and work at NASA inspired me to study purposefully. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s book, ‘Wings of Fire’ set me on this path, and my results have further motivated me. I have scored more than anticipated and cred-it my teachers’ dedication for it. Besides, being a class leader made me feel obligat-ed to study well. During my summer holidays, I began preparing for JEE (Joint En-trance Examination).”

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