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Volunteering to Educate

Volunteer Stories
02 July, 2024
2:02 PM

Isha Vidhya's volunteer professionals design innovative syllabi, integrating technology, art, life skills, and English, to level the educational playing field for children of school dropouts and first-generation attendees, fostering engagement and empowering students for national and global competition. Read about their volunteering experiences below.

Isha Vidhya Blog Article | Volunteering to Educate

A majority of our students are children of school dropouts or first-generation school-goers who do not get educational assistance at home. So, to improve their prospects, the onus is on us to make learning engaging, relevant, memorable, and on par with what their urban counterparts enjoy.

Read about the motivated professionals who volunteer with our central academic team to create syllabi that are interesting and easy to grasp and retain.


“The students’ yearning for learning has been consistent over the years, and that is what drives me. It has been a two-way street. I have learned a lot, not only from the students but from the entire Isha Vidhya ecosystem. Their patience, hard work, and appreciation of the sheer joy of living irrespective of their circumstances have helped me refine my skills.”

Atul Pant, the founder of the UK-based Timeless Lifeskills Foundation, offers novel learning solutions for life skills. Besides familiarising our students with technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), etc., he focuses on helping them participate in national and global STEM and innovation challenges and competitions.


“Our art lessons provide the knowledge, skills, and experience our students need to express their ideas effectively. Our curriculum integrates the rich heritage and cultural traditions of Tamil Nadu while maintaining an international standard of art education. It has become my lifelong mission to train and support the art and craft teachers in bringing art education into the consciousness of our students.”

Marlana has been an Isha Vidhya volunteer since 2013 and has developed seven art manuals that provide age-appropriate lessons. A graduate of Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, she has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Art Education with a minor in Social Studies.


“Working with Isha Vidhya has put forth an entirely new perspective of health education before me. The disparity of available resources and levels of knowledge about health in rural communities globally has helped me realize that students can gain a lot of knowledge and make better health decisions in the future through interactive health lessons.”

Tanvi is a neuroscience student at the University of South Carolina, USA and founder of the Global Health Empowerment Society. Tanvi and other members of the Society plan and create interactive presentations on health for the whole academic year on topics like malnutrition/healthy eating, cardiovascular disease, etc.


“My association with Isha Vidhya over the last five years has contributed in a huge way to my growth. Tackling challenges every day has improved my problem-solving skills and ability to think on my feet. I’m continually amazed at how dedicated our teachers are to do better, and it makes me strive to raise the bar as I know my contribution will impact them and our students’ education.”

Paal completed his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Norway and is a resident full-time volunteer in the central academic team. He helps to create workbooks and storybooks for students and teaching aids for teachers, trains teachers in our English methodology, and visits our schools to facilitate and ensure the effective use of these tools.


“Volunteering for Isha Vidhya has been the most fulfilling experience as it has helped me grow as a human being. At Isha Vidhya, the team and teachers work with sincere commitment to offer the students the possibility to grow into their full potential. I am happy to be part of such an effort and grateful for the opportunity to volunteer.”

Deepa holds an MA in Psychology and has been a volunteer for ten years. She briefs teachers of Classes 1–5 of Isha Vidhya Cuddalore through weekly online sessions, plans the remedial class schedule, suggests the teaching methodology, analyses test results, and counsels students.

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