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Why You Must Give Yourself

"If you want to get involved but not entangled, volunteering is a powerful tool. You should make use of it, wherever you are." - Sadhguru

We encourage people to visit our schools and volunteer whichever way they can. Please register to volunteer for any of the below opportunities. 

Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Conducting guest lectures/workshops
  • Reading stories to the children
  • Helping create learning aids
  • Collecting old books for our libraries Running in marathons in your city for fundraising
  • Making videos or writing about the impact of Isha Vidhya’s programs on our children, their parents, and teachers.
  • Joining the Skip A Meal program
  • Helping our children take Isha Outreach programs to neighboring villages


You could also take a sabbatical from your regular work to volunteer with us for 6 months to 1 year, as a teacher or as part of our central academic team.

To volunteer, please contact: donations@ishavidhya.org / 9442544458

Looking forward to seeing you become part of our Isha Vidhya team and make a difference!

Volunteer Interest Registration


Ankit Kumar Agarwal
Ankit Agarwal
Microsoft Hyderabad

This is something very important rather than giving money. The kind of satisfaction that I got from doing something for the children & the community cannot be measured. Thank for the opportunity.