River length

240 km

Basin area

11,212 sq km

Population in basin

9.11 million

States in basin


Major cities using water

Hyderabad (pop: 6.8 million)

River Depletion

  • Water depletion: 38%(1969-2001)
  • Dry season drought risk: Low
  • Monsoon flood risk: Low
  • Seasonal variability of water levels: High

Economic & Environmental Significance

  • Two major reservoirs, the Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar are built on the Musi and its tributary, and provide drinking water to Hyderabad.
  • The Krishna and Godavari deltas are very close to each other. Together, they support almost 10 million people in an area of 12,700 sq km.
  • The river downstream of Hyderabad flows through Telangana’s dry Nalgonda district, providing water for irrigation and domestic use.

Spiritual & Cultural Significance

The river was known as Muchukunda in ancient times, and its source in the Ananthagiri hills is associated with the Mahabharata.

The river meets the Krishna river at Vadapally. The Sri Meenakshi Agasteswara Swami temple is located here, and was built by the Kakatiya rulers in the twelfth century.

There is also a Sri Narasimha Swami temple at Vadapally, where Vyasa Maharishi is said to have meditated.

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