What personal data gets collected?

By giving a missed call, Isha Foundation gets access only to the phone number which you used to make the missed call. This is similar to what happens when you make any other missed call. By giving a missed call, your location and any other personal information (apart from your phone number) will not be exposed to anyone.

How will Isha Foundation use your phone number?

By giving a missed call, your support for the river restoration initiative “Rally for Rivers” will be recorded. This show of support from the citizens will be presented to the government as a step towards the formation of a comprehensive River Revitalization policy in the Parliament.
Once you give a missed call, you may receive SMS/WhatsApp updates to your phone number in the future, regarding the progress of the policy. You will receive a few messages over the course of the campaign.

  • It will not be used for marketing any other unrelated products or initiatives.
  • It will not be used for targeting ads online.
  • It will not be shared with any other person/entity/organization.

I see this number (80009 80009) used in other initiatives. Is “Rally for Rivers” related to any of these other campaigns?

No. In the past, this number (80009 80009) has been used by different organizations for different purposes. For e.g., it has been used by the following unrelated campaigns:
Gutka Mukti Abhiyan
Horlicks campaign for #Immunity4Growth

Rally for Rivers is not related to any of the above campaigns and the only similarity is that all these campaigns used the same number. The number (80009 80009) is owned by a third-party company called Cosmic Infotech. Isha Foundation has leased this number for the “Rally for Rivers” campaign.