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Joyous Thaipusam Celebration at Cuddalore Nursery

Field Stories
12 July, 2023
2:29 PM
Joyous Thaipusam Celebration at Cuddalore Nursery

A joyous Thaipusam celebration marked the third anniversary of Cuddalore Nursery, with 130 sevadhars participating in the festivities. The main event was a procession within the nursery area, with sevadhars who had helped to plant and sprout seedlings (mulaipaari) carrying them on their heads and offering the mulaipaari to Devi, the main deity of Cuddalore Nursery. In addition to the procession, there were games with prizes organized by the local volunteers, and food was prepared and served by the sevadhars who funded the entire event themselves. Overall, the celebration was a demonstration of the sevadhars' devotion and heartfelt offerings to Devi.

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