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Shivananjaiah Balekayi: A Trailblazer in Sustainable Farming in Tumkur, Karnataka

Human Impact Stories
27 November, 2023
9:52 AM

Shivananjaiah Balekayi's innovative approach on his two-acre farm in Tumkur, Karnataka, serves as a remarkable model for efficient and sustainable agriculture.

 Shivananjaiah Balekayi: A Trailblazer in Sustainable Farming in Tumkur, Karnataka

Utilizing Every Ray of Sunlight:

Balekayi expertly captures every bit of sunlight on his farm. He plants climbers like vanilla, a lucrative crop, along the trees, maximizing sunlight use. This clever strategy showcases his ability to turn every ray of sunlight into an opportunity for growth and profit, even on a small-scale farm.

Optimal Use of Shade with Teak Trees:

Balekayi's farm ingeniously uses shaded areas under mature teak trees to cultivate shade-loving crops. This not only optimizes land use but also diversifies the farm’s production, leveraging every part of the land effectively.

A Focused Nursery and Diverse Cultivation:

His nursery, dedicated to growing around 800 coconut saplings, reflects his commitment to using every inch of his land. The farm, home to over 2,500 trees, including coconut, arecanut, pepper, vanilla, cardamom, and banana, epitomizes the potential of diverse, small-scale farming.

Redefining Farming Success on Small Acreage:

Balekayi challenges the misconception that successful farming requires large expanses of land. He proves that even with just two acres, efficient utilization of every resource — land, water, and sunlight — can lead to substantial income and wealth creation.

Strategic Planting of Timber Trees:

Balekayi advises planting timber trees at the edges of plantations and maintaining a suitable distance to ensure the healthy growth of other crops. This approach enhances the farm's value and ensures a harmonious coexistence of various plant species.


Shivananjaiah Balekayi's approach to farming is a testament to the power of innovation and sustainability in agriculture. His practices serve as an inspiration to small-scale farmers, demonstrating how intelligent planning, commitment to eco-friendly practices, and a deep understanding of natural resources can transform a modest plot of land into a thriving, productive, and sustainable farm.

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