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Actively Learning

The Isha Way
01 June, 2023
10:30 AM

At Isha Vidhya schools, teachers use interactive and engaging activities to teach students new lessons. These activities keep students attentive and eager to learn and promote comprehension. Read about some of these creative teaching techniques in our “Actively Learning” blog.

Isha Vidhya Blog Article | Actively Learning

Boredom is alien to our students as our teachers ensure that new lessons are taught via an activity or interactively. Invariably, as part of teaching a new lesson, teachers also describe the accompanying activity that is specifically devised to cement comprehension.
Read about class activities that keep our students on their toes and help them learn with eagerness and ease.


Sensing Things

UKG students of Isha Vidhya, Coimbatore participated in activities such as Light the Lamp, Hear and Find, Smell and Find, Touch and Feel, and Tasting Food to learn about the five senses in the ‘My Body & My Health’ class. Their curiosity kept them engaged and attentive because they sometimes had to guess the items with their eyes closed.


Juggling Cards

Class 2 students of Isha Vidhya, Erode arranged colorful flashcards to learn basic math like single and two-digit numbers, lower and higher numbers, and math symbols (< > =). Rather than learning from a book or copying what the teacher would have written on the blackboard, this was a welcome alternative as they learned at their own pace and as a group.


Counting Heartbeats

The class 4 science teacher of Isha Vidhya, Salem taught her students to make an elementary stethoscope using a rubber tube, funnel, tape, and balloon. Subsequently, they used it to hear and count each other’s heartbeats per minute. They learned about stethoscopes during this exciting activity that was actually a lesson.


Miming Lessons

The class 4 Power English teacher of Isha Vidhya, Dharmapuri read the lesson with actions and expressions and then made groups of students mime while she reread it. Students participated animatedly in this activity, which aimed to help them develop their skills in expressive body language.


Playing with Numbers

An Isha Vidhya, Erode teacher played a ball game with her students in classes 3–5 to improve their math and concentration. She first chose a constant number for adding, subtracting, or multiplying and then when she threw the ball to a student, she called out a random number. That student had to then mentally calculate the sum and call out the answer while returning the ball to her. This activity kept them mentally and physically agile.


A Market in the Class

The class turned into a marketplace when class 6 students of Isha Vidhya, Cuddalore participated in an activity to better understand the various vendors in the market and how buying and selling transactions happen. They nimbly sailed through the activity, er, lesson.


Proving the Value of pi

In a group activity, class 7 students of Isha Vidhya, Dharmapuri drew circles of different radii. Following their teacher’s instructions, they first measured the circumference and diameter of the circles with thread and then with a scale. They then divided the circumference by its diameter and were thrilled when everyone had the same answer and learned the formula in a breeze.

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