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Summer School

The Isha Way
02 November, 2023
10:59 AM

During the students' summer break, dedicated teachers at Isha Vidhya participated in professional development workshops to improve their teaching skills and enhance the learning experience for their students. This blog explores these workshops and showcases the teachers' enthusiastic responses to collaborative programs that have equipped them with the tools for delivering quality education.

Isha Vidhya Article | Summer School

Earlier this year, while our students enjoyed their summer vacation, our teachers were gearing up for the next academic year. They attended workshops to help them sharpen their skills and become better teachers.

Read about some of their training sessions and our teachers’ responses to the unique collaborative programs they underwent that taught them how to impart quality education. 


Kindergarten Workshop

Our teachers were trained in languages, math, and environmental science teaching methodologies. They also explored using learning materials and audio and video programs for language learning.

Mari Priya from Isha Vidhya Tuticorin shares, “I now have more clarity and conduct my class better. I start every class with the newly learned TPR commands to help my students shake off inertia and participate energetically.” 


Happy Classroom Workshop

In this workshop, we empowered our teachers to self-evaluate, trained them to cultivate a happy and engaging atmosphere in the classroom, provided practical tools to manage and motivate their students better, and built team spirit and cooperation among the teachers for resolving challenges and supporting each other.

Rajkumar from Isha Vidhya Nagercoil says, “I’ve noticed positive changes in my students. They have become more open and comfortable in discussing their problems with me, and I manage my class more effectively.”


Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) Workshop

ATLs, part of the Atal Innovation Mission, were launched in our schools last year. Atul Pant, the founder of Timeless Lifeskills Foundation, conducted this 3-day online workshop on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it works. He also introduced ChatGPT and other tools that will help students understand the concept of AI.

Sangeetha from Isha Vidhya Cuddalore says, “I was a bit anxious as AI was new to me, but the group projects helped me grasp it well. Guidance on effectively using lab equipment and materials and creating awareness about the latest technology has helped me teach my students with ease.”


Math Class Workshop

A few level-appropriate, content-based workshops were conducted to align teachers with Isha Vidhya’s way of teaching math by focusing on students’ practice time and assessment. Mock classes at the workshop helped the teachers assimilate what they had learned.

Niraimathi from Isha Vidhya Cuddalore says, “I’m teaching class 8 for the first time, and the training built my confidence. I conducted some games and activities I learned in the workshop, and found my students to be more responsive.”


Principals’ Meeting

A review of each school’s performance and setting KRA – Key Result Areas, planning for the new academic year, an elaborate discussion on PRDP – Personal Review and Development Plan, and exchanging notes on best practices were part of the 3-day workshop.

Betsey, Principal, Isha Vidhya Nagercoil, says, “The meeting was like a family gathering where we learned a lot of ideas from each other. I’m thankful for this opportunity that encouraged all of us and made us learn from each other.” 


Tech Vidhya Workshop

At this 2-day workshop, the whole gamut of computer courses for classes 1 -11, comprising developing reasoning skills, problem-solving techniques, programming, digital art, digital accounting, and Artificial Intelligence, were discussed.

Gowri, from Isha Vidhya Cuddalore, says, “In every workshop, I learn many things. This training has improved my programming skills, and I learned how to teach programs through real-life examples. I also learned how to improve my students' programming skills.”


Media Literacy Workshop

Class 9 and 10 teachers learned how the media uses advertising strategies to inform, persuade, or entertain. The 3-day session also involved discussing specific TV shows as examples of their persuasive techniques.

Raja Sekar from Isha Vidhya Villupuram says, “I gathered a deeper understanding of how media influences people through advertising. The examples made the concepts more relatable and understandable for me, and I now feel more confident while conducting this class.”

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