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Celebrating Teacherhood

Human Impact Stories
05 January, 2024
12:22 PM

Choosing to become a teacher is a deeply personal journey. Most teachers have such ambitions because they themselves were inspired by one of their own teachers. Read about some of our alumni who made their dreams into reality and are now teachers at Isha Vidhya. They show up every day with the hope of inspiring their students to grow and fall in love with learning as their own teachers once helped them to do.

Celebrating Teacherhood | Isha Vidhya

Young students are often so impressed by their teachers, that they aspire to follow their footsteps into the world of teaching. While many change course with exposure to other vocational options, for a few, this ambition becomes an opportune reality.

In celebration of Teacher’s Day (5 September), read about alumni who are now teachers at Isha Vidhya and their journey from being a student to a teacher at the same school.


“I want to become like my teachers and shower my students with the same un-ending care and support. On my first day as a teacher, I felt a bit nervous. Since I was a new teacher, I introduced myself and then made the whole class do the same. This helped to break the ice and now, the students are at ease when they in-teract with me. The teacher training and workshops at Isha Vidhya have further boosted my confidence and teaching skills.”


“Like most of us, as a child, I wanted to become a teacher. Besides, I have an affinity with children, so teaching is a natural outcome for me. In class 6, my favorite teacher ignited the spark to learn in me, after which I became a bright student. Ini-tially, like most rural students I used to struggle with my studies, so now, as their teacher, I aspire to help my students in bridging the gap.”


“I was so intent to become a teacher that I used to playact being one. While leaving school, I told my Principal that I will come back as a teacher and she replied that the school will be waiting, and that touched my heart. I felt my abilities were val-idated when my students in the remedial class responded well to my teaching. On Teacher’s Day I was overwhelmed when students wished me and I was thrilled to wish my Principal as a colleague.”


“I wanted to become a teacher – like my mother. I teach LKG students and even though I was a bit nervous on my first day, I felt very happy and excited and the first lesson that I taught was the alphabet B. It’s a year since I began this journey but that doesn’t stop me from reaching out to my former teachers for guidance on how to manage a boisterous class and naughty students!”


“I was over the moon on my first day as a teacher. I was determined to become a teacher, specifically at Isha Vidhya, as I’m from the first batch of students of this school. Even though I’m a teacher now, I continue to learn every day. I teach Eng-lish and commerce in the secondary section and feel elated as my former teachers treat me as their colleague.”


“I have always been so grateful to my teachers for making me the person that I am today and I hope I can make the same kind of impact in my students’ heart and mind. There was only one person, my science teacher, who inspired me to become a teacher, although I didn’t realize it at that time. Despite being relatively new, he was an excellent teacher. Now, while teaching, I recall how my teachers taught me and endeavor to replicate it in my class.”

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