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Super Workers

Human Impact Stories
16 May, 2024
11:54 AM

The latest blog from Isha Vidhya highlights the essential roles of the organization’s long-standing support staff, showcasing how reliable services like transportation, cleaning, and nutritious meals contribute to the smooth functioning of the schools. Discover the personal journeys and transformative experiences of veteran staff members whose dedicated efforts enrich the educational environment for the students.

Super Workers | Isha Vidhya Blog

Safe bus rides, clean classrooms and toilets, hot and healthy food, and other amenities are taken for granted and happen like clockwork in Isha Vidhya schools because we have reliable support staff.

As a tribute to their dependable efforts, we asked our longest-serving staff to share their journey with Isha Vidhya. Read this blog to discover how Isha Vidhya has transformed and enriched their lives.


“Everyone – the students and all the staff, are very kind to me. I feel like it is my home. I began working here in 2007 and like everything about my job, especially being with the children. I clean the classrooms and toilets, help the KG students maintain hygiene, chaperone on the school bus, and support the kitchen staff. Earning a regular salary has solved my financial issues, and I feel independent, confident, and at peace while working here.”
*Aayamma is similar to a nanny at school who looks after the young children.


“I consider Isha Vidhya my family.I feel very protective towards the students and teach them how to travel safely in the bus and on the road, and when I’m not driving, I do odd jobs at the school. My children studied here, and it has enhanced their prospects. After coming into Isha Vidhya’s fold, I see a lot of changes within myself – I’ve become calm, and how I conduct myself and speak to people has changed.”


“I learned to cook healthy food at Isha Vidhya, and I feel rewarded when the students tell me the food is delicious. When I meet them in the street, I feel gratified when they show their love and respect by introducing me as their Cook Aunty. I started cooking for households after my husband died, but after joining here in 2011, I find it satisfying and forget my worries while cooking for the children. I am delighted that my granddaughter is studying in this school.”


“I love serving food to the students, ensuring their hunger is satiated and that they don’t waste food. As a housewife, I used to volunteer for Isha Yoga programs, but when I started working here 12 years back, it was initially bewildering. With support from the admin staff and with computer lessons, I coped well. I ensure we always have a well-stocked larder and an organized kitchen staff. Working here has resolved many health issues, and I feel confident – I have even learned to ride a scooty.”


“I learned organic gardening at Isha Vidhya– I now use only manure and natural pesticides for the garden’s upkeep. I find gardening therapeutic, and while nurturing saplings and trees, it feels like I’m tending to my children. I also guide and stimulate the students during their gardening class. Before I got this job over 11 years back, I used to drink water to quell my hunger, but now I’m healthy with the nutritious mid-day meal at Isha Vidhya.”

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