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Isha Vidhya Stories

08 May, 2019
2:38 PM

For the first time in the history of Isha Vidhya, Isha Vidhya Coimbatore girls topped the Coimbatore West Zone Hockey competition to win a chance to play in the district level competition.

Isha Vidhya Stories

For the first time in the history of Isha Vidhya, Isha Vidhya Coimbatore girls topped the Coimbatore West Zone Hockey competition to win a chance to play in the district level competition. Our girls won in the Under-17 category by defeating their opponents with a score of 2-1. The juniors also put up a great display and became the runner-ups in Under-14, losing with a score of 2-0.

"This school is very good. It is different from other schools. In other schools, if you tell one thing wrong, they will beat you. Here, it is not like that. I like school because the teachers are not beating or scolding us. They are teaching nicely. They are introducing all the new subjects. For the first term, they had a special class to help the students who came from Tamil-medium schools. Now the classes are just in English!"

S. Sachin and M.P. Amritha Devi
Class II students, Isha Vidhya School, Kurandi

"International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June in our school. Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's ancient tradition, It is a physical, mental and spiritual practice. Yoga helps me to balance my work and to score good marks. Yoga has increased my concentration and sharpness. We do yoga practice regularly in our school. I have experienced a huge change in me after doing yoga. It is a great workout. It gets us in touch with our body and doing yoga regularly will tune our body. I share my experience of yoga with my parents and friends and tell them how it works. Now my friends are also very eager to do yoga."

P. Priya Dharshini, Isha Vidhya Student

'"By seeing Isha's projects, I realise now how many problems people face, especially in the agricultural sector. I was not aware of the water crisis that most people are facing until this activity; now I wish to teach the farmers methods to save water. I have implemented the methods at home in the garden, near the washing area and hope to plant a sapling every month."
S. Varsha, 8th Standard, Isha Vidhya School, Dharmapuri

Many methods have been discovered to conserve water, yet people waste water. If this situation continues we will have to beg for food. In the future I will invent new methods to save water. I have implemented this at home and planted a few saplings as we have water shortage."

S. Ekalaivan, 8th Standard, Isha Vidhya School

Teachers Sharings:

"The fishermen folk in this area are in a very pitiable economic condition because of which they cannot afford to provide education to their children in a quality school like Isha Vidhya. Especially the girls, who are victims of gender bias, are always left behind when it comes to providing education. We see in the class happy faces, and enthusiastic children who are ready to learn. Teachers are able to impart quality education because of the immense support provided by donors"

– Mrs. Jayasudha, Teacher at Isha Vidhya

“The newly constructed, fully equipped science lab in Cuddalore school provides all the amenities required for an inquisitive student and helps the teachers supplement classroom learning. We notice a unique spring in the students step when they enter the science lab. Many students who are not able to completely grasp the concepts in the classroom are able to gain greater insight when the teacher helps them conduct experiments. I was initially hesitant when I was put in charge of guiding the students through their crucial public board exams this year because it was a big responsibility. But the students made us so proud by scoring 100%, 99% and 98%! I think these amazing marks are due to the lab time when the students were able to clarify their doubts during the experiments. The science lab has even inspired me to continue my own studies while teaching the students.”

– Ms. R. Nilofer, Science Teacher, Isha Vidhya School, Cuddalore

“Conducting school elections is a way to simulate the real election scenario of the country. The students get exposed to this idea at an early stage of development and will grow up to become responsible citizens. We conduct elections once every year from 6th to 12th Standards and choose nominees for two positions – School Pupil Leader and Assistant School Pupil Leader. The elected candidate/student then plays a vital role in handling cleanliness and discipline in the school premises and as a liason with the school cleanliness committee. This time, 410 students voted for 9 nominees. The elected students benefit from this exercise as they become sources of information and support between the committee leaders and the school students.”

– Ms. Jessy, Science and Social Studies Teacher, Isha Vidhya School, Tuticorin

"Whenever our children are in art and crafts class, they enjoy it so much. Clay modeling is really an interesting class for them. It enables their finger coordination and strength. I taught them the step-by-step process and they followed everything so well. They did the model of the cup and saucer excellently. It proved an exciting, entertaining and enjoyable class for them. Their tiny fingers worked magically and I felt proud to be an art and crafts teacher."

– Mrs. Jayasudha K., Arts and Crafts Teacher, Isha Vidhya School

Parent's Sharing:

"If Isha Vidhya wasn't there, my daughter would not even have reached 10th standard. By now, she'd be working as a coolie in a village. Her teachers took care of her like their own daughter. They even shared their breakfast with her every day because I was unable to provide it. I never imagined a school like this." - Mother of Kavita, Isha Vidhya Student

Volunteer Sharings:

"This is something very important rather than giving money. The kind of satisfaction that I got from doing something for the children and the community cannot be measured. Thanks for the opportunity." – Ankit Kumar Agarwal, Associate at Microsoft Hyderabad

“I first came to know about Isha Vidhya when we worked with them to create some teaching aids in Mumbai. I immediately knew I wanted to come and see the schools in action. What a vibrant, happy place to learn about the world and make friendships! I hope to stay in contact and work with the school in some way. Thank you very much.” - Mr. Robert Oates, Chief Risk Officer

“I am used to presenting in conferences to professionals in the field of medicine and post-graduate students in medicine. This is my first time talking with school students. It was a unique experience and challenging, as the questions were not predictable. The students were extremely receptive to the topic and understood what was conveyed.
I had no one to tell me about any academic or professional path in my school days. I feel that this way, I can help the rural children to ease into college and eventually a career in medicine.”
– Dr. Priya, Specialist in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

Susi's Story
V. Susi joined Isha Vidhya, Cuddalore at the age of 4. Susi’s father is a fisherman who works hard for his family and wishes to give his son a good quality education. He admitted his son in Isha Vidhya after many serious discussions with the school staff. Susi was the fourth admission made at Cuddalore Isha Vidhya. After one year, the teachers learned that he is a special child with behavioural problems. Isha Vidhya’s methodology and the teachers’ efforts have totally changed his behavior. He is now in 7th standard and is very interested in dance and sports.

Susi has become deeply involved in the school, which has made his parents very proud. His love of learning is such that he even comes to the school on holidays. His parents work relentlessly to make ends meet and support him. They would like to thank his donor for the sponsorship of his education, without which his future would be starkly different.

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Dr Jith Tho
06 October, 2021
Is it possible for my organization Hindi health point (https://www.hindihealthpoint.com) to voluntee
Dr Jith Tho
06 October, 2021
Is it possible for my organization Hindi health point (https://www.hindihealthpoint.com) to volunteer
Ranjit Singh
21 July, 2021
I have been a teacher training others to be a good teacher till my retirement in 1996.How can I see an Isha vidhya school?
Is it possible for me to volunteer?
Jennifer Manhart
08 July, 2021
I am interested in knowing more in order to help in any way possible including what money I can afford to donate, however, the last posted information about Isha was 2019. May I inquire as to current strength of Isha?

Thanks so very much,
Jennifer Manhart
USA -New York state

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