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Sporting Students

Human Impact Stories
03 May, 2024
10:21 AM

Isha Vidhya ignites academic excellence and champions athletic prowess, nurturing students to soar in sports and academics alike. Dive into our latest blog for a glimpse of their spirited dreams and ambitions in the sporting arena.

Sporting Students | Isha Vidhya blog

Besides equipping our students with an academic curriculum that is holistic and activity-based, we lay equal emphasis on sports. We motivate students to participate in individual and team sports and hone those with potential. In this blog, read what stimulates some of our sporting students and their self-assured aspirations.


“I want to become famous with my achievements in sports and start a sports academy in my hometown, Erode. I became interested in sports while playing in the Physical Education (P.E.) class. When I was in Class 8, my P.E. teachers perceived my potential in running and motivated me to participate in competitions. I was hesitant, but with their training and after winning numerous medals in running, I am brimming with motivation. Now, I dream of breaking Usain Bolt’s world records.”


“I wish to participate in the Olympics like my idol Usain Bolt. After watching sports on the Internet during the lockdown, I took to it and practised daily at the seashore. Back at school, I have won numerous prizes in running, which has pumped me with confidence. I utilize any free period and my P.E. period to train and feel grateful to have an encouraging P.E. teacher who constantly persuades me to raise the bar and manage time well.”


“My goal is to become a professional kabaddi player. Ajay Thakur (ex-captain - Indian national kabaddi team) inspires me, and like him, I want to win many trophies. My earliest prize was for running when I was in LKG, and when I recently won prizes in running and athletics, my first thought was that practice makes perfect. I train intently for two hours daily and even more intently before a competition.”


“My mother is my inspiration, and I want to pursue sports like she did. She encourages me to do well in sports without neglecting my studies. I owe my success in sports to my P.E. teacher’s training and my school’s financial support to participate in competitions. My neighbor, a state-level athlete, advised me to sincerely pursue sports as an assurance of admission to a college and a stable government job. I want to become a state-level athlete and then a coach.”


“I want to be part of the Indian hockey team and win gold medals for India, but before that, I want to win the state-level match as a tribute to my P.E. teacher. My first triumph in hockey was exhilarating, and I want more of it. Currently I am not playing for prizes but to gather experience to help me in the future, to become a good forward and captain, and lead my team in numerous triumphs.”


“When I won my first competition, I was deeply influenced by the eagerness with which the players competed. Since then, I have won numerous medals in running and athletics that I have hung next to my mirror, and I feel motivated to achieve more when I am in front of the mirror. Besides continuing to pursue sports, I want to join the police force as I feel alarmed about the increasing crime rates.”

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