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Sustaining Higher Studies

Human Impact Stories
06 March, 2024
9:29 AM

Isha Vidhya highlights the aspirations of several Vidyadhan scholarship recipients who share the impact of the scholarship on their educational journey. The scholarship not only provides financial assistance but also alleviates the burden on their families, motivating them to excel academically and make a positive impact on society.

Sustaining Higher Studies | Isha Vidhya Blog

Many of our scholarship students strive to excel academically, as it can open doors to continued financial support for their higher studies. We guide our students (from Class 11 onwards) and alumni in preparing for the application process for programs like Vidyadhan*, a 5-year scholarship program that meets their educational expenses up to graduation.

Read in this newsletter what some of our Vidyadhan* scholarship awardees shared about what the scholarship means to them.


“I love studying but need financial support. On being awarded the scholarship, I was relieved as it is an assurance that I can realize my dream of becoming a doctor. If I’m unable to clear NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) in the first attempt, I can now afford to stay in a hostel and try again. Without this scholarship, I would have pursued a course in nursing.”


“My mother is a daily-wager,


“Seeing my father struggle to make ends meet inspired me to study well and make my future. My parents felt proud and relieved when I was granted the scholarship, as they cannot afford to pay for my higher studies. I can now look forward to studying in the best college instead of settling for something less and fulfilling my ambition to become a chartered accountant.”


“My mother was floored, and I was full of eagerness when I secured the scholarship. My mother is an Anganvadi worker, and I’m happy that she can now save money for my brother’s education. I’m studying BE Mechanical Engineering and plan to pursue aerospace engineering in my post-grad studies. My goal is to manufacture an electric vehicle that is even better than Tesla.”


“Encouragement from my school Principal, coordinator, and past awardees helped me win this scholarship. My teachers’ guidance in facing challenges, both academically and emotionally, and their love and care towards my family have been very helpful. I also feel happy as I’m the first awardee from my school, and this scholarship releases my mother from struggling to finance my education. I plan to pursue medicine at Coimbatore Medical College and then study to become a cardiologist.”


“I want to pursue research in biotechnology for incurable diseases like cancer. It is now a possibility with this scholarship – my mother runs a small stationery shop, and her meagre earnings cannot finance my academic aspirations. I strived to get this scholarship with the sole thought that securing it was imperative to fulfil my dreams. I also aim to do well in Class 12 for my mother’s sake and to study in a good college.”

*Vidyadhan is an independent foundation that provides scholarships to students after Class 12.

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