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"With what you get, you can make a living. Only with what you give, you can make a life."- Sadhguru

Let us make it happen!

Whether it is through cash contributions or donations in kind, time or expertise, Isha Vidhya offers a variety of opportunities for you to extend your support. Donations can be made directly to specific Isha Vidhya projects of your choice or to the general fund of the trust that supports a host of activities...

Make Your Contribution Online!


Offline Donation Options

If you would like to cancel an existing ACH donation, please send us an email to donations@ishavidhya.org with your name, email address and phone number.
Cheque / Demand Draft
All donations are exempt from Income Tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Cheques and DDs are to be drawn in favour of Isha Education..
All donations for Isha Foundation's projects can be made as a regular monthly contribution through ACH (Automatic Clearing House) / ECS (Electronic Clearing Service).
In Kind Donation
Another way to help Isha Vidhya activities is through in-kind, non-cash donations, like provisions,construction materials,stationary, Used books for library, Two-Wheeler's, Kitchen utensils,Large cooking vessels, plates, tumblers etc
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