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In Beautiful Bahrain

Jun 19, 2022, Manama, Bahrain

17th May - Day 55

Before we knew it we were driving into the charming island of Bahrain, a quaint country with serene shorelines. Though Bahrain was giving us a real taste of summer, there was a palpable cool to the place and the gentle people. With tremendous warmth and welcome, Sadhguru was received by a large crowd at the Bahrain Fort. Given that no programs had been conducted in the country, it was astounding to see the number of people that had come out to greet Sadhguru, thrilled by the opportunity to meet him in person. 

But the highlight of the visit was the Save Soil public event. It was the first outdoor event of its kind, a beautiful lagoon embracing the grounds. The volunteers were swarming the scene like worker ants. While the ushers discussed where each volunteer should stand, Sounds of Isha were on stage doing a sound check with the ever-so-familiar “one, two, one, two, check, check…” Meanwhile, the events team scrambled around the stage going over the flow, checking the videos and discussing mic frequencies. Outside, the Save Soil paraphernalia stand was all set, the infamous Save Soil stickers beginning to circulate. The entire atmosphere was buzzing in preparation for a grand evening. 

The public event was nothing short of magical—the crowd, the venue, and the majestic moon on the auspicious night of Buddha Pournami. Sadhguru made his entrance on a boardwalk that straddled the water, donning a red and white shawl, the print of which is all too familiar in the region. He dazzled the crowd with his wit and humour, firing the crowd up for the movement. 

Reem, a Lebanese ex-pat who had been living in Bahrain for over five years, shared as she left the venue, “That was amazing—beyond words.” Like many others, this was her first encounter with Sadhguru and the movement. “I am so grateful to have seen Sadhguru in Bahrain. It was a magical night full of warmth, laughter, and passion. The most amazing thing is how Sadhguru can capture the full attention of the whole audience from start to finish, with his real life stories and experiences, which every person will relate to in one way or another. I really didn’t want the night to end!”

The stunning Buddha Pournami descended upon the land and waters of beautiful Bahrain as the team got ready for another day on the road… 



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