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In Lovely Ljubljana

Apr 17, 2022, Ljubljana, Solvenia

After 5 hours on the road, we were in the lovely city of Ljubljana, the largest city in Slovenia and its capital. Sadhguru’s first event was at the Indian Embassy. India’s Ambassador to Slovenia where Namrata S Kumar received him. We’re all looking at him on his bike and the emotion is overpowering. How is Sadhguru doing this? This physically and mentally brutal journey of endless riding, a punishing schedule, sleepless nights, long days with hardly a meal. We cannot even imagine what kind of compassion moves someone to do this for the world!

But everyone responds – intuitively, they know what it takes. We pull into one of Ljubljana’s lovely parks when a young couple spots Sadhguru. The lady is completely overcome. “He’s kind of been everything that my father, mother, grandparents haven’t been to me, his words is the reason I’m practically still alive,” she says beside herself with a nameless mix of emotions. As she stands there, struggling to give voice and word to her emotions, we know exactly how she feels. “And also, Save Soil!” her pragmatic partner says before they head off.

Sadhguru’s conversation with Actor Goran Visnjic

Later in the day, Sadhguru received an exuberant welcome on his arrival for the public conversation with Actor Goran Visnjic. Beginning his conversation, Sadhguru answered the question of what compelled him to go on such a long motorbike journey. He then shared about Project GreenHands, describing the positive impact of the movement on Indian farmers. He highlighted how it’s now a tradition in Southern India where a sapling is given to all guests who attend a wedding!

In response to a question about how to motivate young people, Sadhguru emphasized the importance of expressing to our governments our commitment to #SaveSoil in order to propel them into action. He also spoke about the value of marrying ecology and economy, explaining that only when both sides win will such a situation thrive.

He closed the event by saying that the youth don’t have to support Sadhguru, they just have to talk about soil for these 100 days because in a democratic nation the government will only listen when the people talk.

The audience even brought a frisbee for Sadhguru (everyone knows that killer throw) and Sadhguru, ever the sport, stood on stage and tossed it back and forth with the audience.

The beautiful thing about this journey was that it’s rousing curiosity. Even in people who haven’t really been following Sadhguru much. Like this geography teacher from Dubai who spotted the ‘Save Soil’ logoed security car and became so curious. He started jogging next to the car and having a conversation with us on the run! “What is this Save Soil Movement? Can you tell me more about it?” he asks We filled him in with some rushed details, but he wanted more.  “This is so interesting!” he exclaims. “I want to introduce this to my students in Dubai, and I want them to learn more about it.” His curiosity is heart warming. We tell him to scan the QR Code on the car and learn more about the Movement.

Everywhere we go it’s like this. The invigorating energy of the people is like a shot of adrenalin into our veins. Our hearts fill as we say goodbye to Lovely Ljubljana. Venice, here we come!



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