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In Pretty Paris

Apr 27, 2022, Paris, France


Oh, Paris! Eclectic, enchanting Paris. Sadhguru has driven through rain-battered roads and teeth-chattering iciness to arrive in one of Europe’s most charming and chic cities. Sadhguru’s engagements in Paris are as diverse as the city itself.

The GoodPlanet Foundation is throwing its doors open for the first time in two years—it was shut due to the naturellement, its Founder, renowned photographer and environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand is sitting down for a conversation on soil with Sadhguru. 

“The victories in war are the pride of yesterday. Tomorrow belongs to what lies beneath our feet. In nurturing it, Life on this planet shall stand tall. This is the Pride of tomorrow. #SaveSoil. “ Sadhguru

Sadhguru also visits the INSEAD Business School where he speaks to business students about soil – (If there ever was a “what-they-don’t-teach-you-at-business-school” moment, this was surely it!). And of course, if it’s Paris, haute couture can’t be far behind, so he meets with the fashion industry folks as well. 

A memorandum of understanding is signed between 4per1000 and the Save Soil Movement in a commitment to collaborate.  The ‘4 Per 1000’ Initiative, launched in 2015 by the French government at the COP21 Paris climate summit, aims to increase carbon storage in agricultural soils by 0.4% annually in an effort to increase food security and mitigate climate change. 

And then, there’s the crowning glory moment – the iconic symbol of The City of Lights – the Eiffel Tower. We are awed by its majestic, nonchalant rise. Riding towards the Eiffel Tower, Sadhguru says a few words about the Tower. “When it was built, it was the tallest tower in the world. Well, it’s a certain kind of engineering. It has a certain sense of geometrical beauty to it and above all, it’s become an iconic form in the world. I think almost anybody in the world recognizes Eiffel Tower.” Approaching the Tower, one can hear the boisterous crowd well before seeing them.

That’s Paris… now, meet Laszlo

Laszlo has to ensure he makes it possible for the kitchen fires to burn when it should…or rather where it should. Laszlo is driving Sadhguru’s kitchen. “Flexibility,” he says, his eyes dancing. “When you don’t know anything, you get a little piece of information and you just do it,” he sums up his role neatly. “We changed the plan three times yesterday and last moment they just told us to go on the motorway and that they will tell us where to stop,” he says explaining how Sadhguru eats on the run. No two-hour, laidback, French style dining for Sadhguru. It’s hit and run.

What’s the most thrilling part? “Next time, if they ask us to close our eyes and go, we have to be flexible and available, and in the meantime joyful, with all situations.” 

But for us the most thrilling part was to learn how the mega machine goes downhill with 100 liters of water, 150-200 kg of food and all the kitchen paraphernalia. “I have 20 years of experience truck driving. Usually, there are electric brakes which support the normal brakes when you go downhill to reduce the speed of the vehicle, but this doesn’t exist in the RVs, so you have to keep the engine revving but keep pressing brake as well,” he says heartily.  

Au revoir, Paris!



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