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In Regal Rome

Apr 17, 2022, Rome, Italy

The Eternal City more than lives up to its name. It feels like Time stopped here eons ago. “The whole place is like one big museum. Every corner you turn, something will hold your gaze, it’s that intricate and that beautiful,” says Mia almost in a reverential whisper. She’s one of the official record-keepers on Sadhguru’s journey.

And Kannan is another—though he keeps records of a different kind. Kannan is a national level professional biker in India and his role on the journey is quite unique and exciting: he’s tasked with the responsibility of keeping Sadhguru’s bike in shipshape. Apart from Sadhguru, Kannan is probably the only one who understands firsthand what it takes to rev it up for 30,000 km. “It’s not easy, to be honest,” Kannan muses. 

It’s raining in Rome and for a rider, that’s not as romantic as it sounds. “Riding on cobblestones in the rain is not easy, it’s quite risky,” Kannan says. “The bike weighs around 360 kilograms! In heavy rain and strong winds, the bike will wobble.” Imagine trying to maneuver a 360-kg wobbling mammoth machine when you’re wet and your teeth are chattering from the cold. We continue to wonder how Sadhguru makes it happen. 

Meanwhile, at the campsite…

The ongoing tug-of-war between Too Spicy vs Not Spicy Enough has reached an exciting stage! In the Red Corner are the Super Spices and in the Blue Corner, the Modest Masalas. Caught in the crossfire are the Cool Cucumbers—the master chefs who are thoroughly enjoying the challenge of keeping both corners happy.

Today, the Cool Cucumbers have declared a truce on a broadcast message: “Don’t miss Kadhi and Rice on the menu tonite. Less chilies and more LOVE. With Love from Kitchen team.” It sends both corners into splits and a handshake. Everyone relishes the meal…and the LOVE.

Meanwhile, Sadhguru receives a heartwarming welcome at The Vatican from the Offices of the Secretariat of State, the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. They embrace his mission wholeheartedly and assure full support.

It’s not surprising that this unique city also hosts a unique event for the Save Soil Movement: In collaboration with Billboard Italia, five Italian artists come together in a concert on Saturday evening leaving the audience mesmerized with their music, passion and commitment to use the unifying power of music to #SaveSoil.

In a short address after the performance, Manoj Juneja,from the United Nations World Food Programme, fervently commended Sadhguru’s inclusive approach and extended his full support to the #SaveSoil movement.

Resonating with the flavour of the night, Sadhguru read out a poem called ‘Roma.’ 

Ciao, Rome! 



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