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In Unique UAE

Jun 25, 2022, Dubai, UAE

May 20 - Day 61

Moving from the quaint harbours of Bahrain, the Save Soil team is back on the road to the United Arab Emirates – one of the most cosmopolitan regions in the Middle East, a thriving amalgamation of cultures that give it a unique flavor. 

Our experiences in UAE are as colorful, flavorful and diverse. One of the most committed and striking personalities we encounter in the Middle East is Mariam Al Mheiri, the suave and articulate Minister for Climate Change and Environment, UAE. With an infectious energy, the Minister accompanies Sadhguru in the region, absorbing his words like a thirsty sponge. In her very body language, her words and her actions, the Minister demonstrates to the world her singular commitment to establishing UAE as a model nation in saving soil – she comes in for repeated praise from Sadhguru for her single-minded focus and her wholehearted embrace of the movement.

There is a humungous audience at Dubai World Trade Center –10,000 people! The atmosphere is electrifying. When Sadhguru enters, it’s almost like a live wire passes through the room as the audience brings the roof down with a roaring welcome.

Dhivya who is traveling with Sadhguru’s team in the Middle East says that the welcome he’s receiving in the region has to be seen to be believed. “More than what Sadhguru is, the experience of being in such a massive houseful crowd from the Middle East, supporting him,” she says has been her most intense experience of the journey.

In Dubai, Dhivya is assigned to the Security Team – “You know, our people, how we love Sadhguru, how we fall on him and how to stop that. This is the security that we are giving to Sadhguru, to protect him from too much love,” she says laughing because the “other security” is taken care of by the state. As a long-time resident of UAE, Dhivya says “having a chance to meet Sadhguru here is a dream come true, is a boon.” She says being a part of the journey has helped her break “so many limitations” giving her a new sense of herself. “I broke so many things that I was carrying as ‘myself.’” From reinventing herself on social media to spread the message of #SaveSoil to traveling for the first time across borders without her family, Dhivya says the #JourneyForSoil shattered several self-imposed shackles and taught her the Art of the Possible.

“In Jordan, I just took over as though I’m constructing the hotel (where the event was held)…that is how big I felt about that work. Oman is so emotional, it was like a family festival; Dubai, there are too many things but overall…I broke so, so many limitations,” she says with a sense of exhilaration.

Mia, the team writer, describes her experience meeting Ashrita, an 11-year-old with unparalleled enthusiasm for Save Soil. “As I was there waiting for the program to start, a little girl approached me saying she wanted to ask me a few questions about the Save Soil movement for a school project she was working on. I was blown away by her eloquence and sense of responsibility. She spoke so passionately about the movement.” 

“One of the actions that my school has taken is every single person that comes to the exhibition, we’re going to try to get them to get a sticker like this,” Ashrita explained pulling at her Save Soil sticker, “and try to get them to make a 3-second clip dance and we’re going to edit that all into the Save the soil song to spread awareness.” She goes on, “I booked a webinar with Save the Soil. The Education Middle East team is coming to our assembly to come and present to us and spread awareness.” But that’s not all! “So we’re trying to get most of the students to write a letter and spread awareness that way. And we also have at the exhibition. My topic is sustainable cities and communities. I fell in love with the topic of Save the Soil.” 

She had me on my toes because she was so sharp and well informed about the program,” Mia says laughing in awe. “The cutest little girl with the biggest heart for soil!”



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