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Sadhguru Skids Through Prague

Apr 12, 2022, Prague, Czech Republic

Locals Line Up at Brandenburg Gate


The team gathered at the B&B that had housed their cozy early morning and late-night meals for the last breakfast in Berlin. 7 am, we were back on the road. Eager to give Sadhguru a heartfelt goodbye before he leaves for Prague, local volunteers gathered at the historic Brandenburg Gate, the Save Soil song resounding through the streets of Berlin. Cars and curious onlookers turned heads as the crowds ‘Le le le le le’-ed. In an impassioned appeal, Sadhguru invited all to rise beyond our differences to come together under one common denominator, soil. “One people, one world, one soil,” he said before driving off to the beautiful city of Prague.

The Team Doctors Shares


During a conversation in the car on the way to Prague, Dr. Ayush, the team doctor, shared his excitement when he was first asked to join the journey. “I was overjoyed beyond description because not everyone is privileged to be so close to Sadhguru,” he said. He went on to express the responsibility of being the sole doctor on the team. “I was preparing for those services which I hope are never used. With Sadhguru’s grace, everyone has remained healthy and my services have not been required, which is how it should be when you’re taking such an arduous journey.”


Save Soil Hits Prague


Several hours and three pit stops later, Sadhguru arrived at the Embassy of India in Prague where he received a cordial welcome by the ambassador. During his address, Sadhguru drew attention to the staggering capacity of soil rich in organic content to hold water, namely 800% of what the world’s rivers currently hold.


Sadhguru then met with Deputy of the Minister of Environment and Deputy of the Minister of Agriculture at the Embassy of India in Prague, presenting them with a Global Policy Draft and Solutions Handbook created in consultation with top scientists considering the latitude, climate, economic conditions, and traditional agricultural practices of the region.


Mysticism Meets Math


That evening, an excited crowd made their way to the first public event at Top Hotel Praha, Prague. The historic city lay out along the Vlata River, encapsulated by its majestic, ornate buildings and cobblestone roads. Sadhguru took the stage with Czech mathematician Karel Janecek to discuss the Save Soil movement before a lovely audience of local enthusiasts and supporters. The conversation extended to the connection between mathematics and mysticism and the significance of responding consciously. Poking at the audience, Sadhguru gave the example of being abused in a language we don’t understand, explaining that “abuse is not a bullet” but fundamentally our reaction to it which hurts us. A delighted audience laughed and applauded.


Delving into the misfortunes of war, Sadhguru explained that unless we as individual human beings make our minds peaceful, we cannot strive to become a peaceful planet. In response to the question ‘What is consciousness?’ Sadhguru described the value of not identifying with your accumulations, stating rather that handling boundless ignorance joyfully is consciousness. Sadhguru closed the two-hour event by describing the movement as not only an ecological endeavor but also a tremendous opportunity for humanity to be brought together by a unifying common denominator.


At the end of a long day, the team trickled in, enjoying the warmth of the hotel and a delicious meal by the kitchen team.


Next stop, Vienna!

Poem by Dr. Ayush Sinha, Save Soil Team Doctor


Save the Soil

For comforts, humans toil

And drift away from soil

To progress is his pursuit

Unaware cutting his own root


Slowly, silently, the soil withers

Suffering immense with invisible tears

Her own, endlessly sucking the sap

Laying her open as biomes disappear through the gap


Reckless man, irresponsible chemical

Hand in glove sound the death knell

Crops shrink, battles rage for food

Deserts appear instead of brood


Act O man, behave like human

Restore microbes to return from death lumen

Listen to the Guru with beard & brain

Who risks his life to feed you grain


You come from soil you go to soil

You live on soil you feed on soil

You are the soil, you are the soil

Save the soil, save the soil





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