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Save Soil Hits Berlin, Germany Part II

Mar 31, 2022, Berlin, Germany

The team gathered at the humble B&B in Berlin for a quick breakfast before hitting the road for another day of events in the city.

Street Art for Save Soil


The Save Soil convoy drove through the quaint streets of Berlin, roads lined with bare trees, for the first Street Art event of the day. Joined by an excited group of local volunteers, Sadhguru contributed to a 50 foot-long Save Soil art graffitied across a wall in Berlin created as a heartening expression of support. After contributing a few spray pumps to the 50-foot-long painting drawn by the awe-inspiring Moritz and Benedict, the artists commended Sadhguru for his steady hand. He made an appeal to all graffiti artists to step up and create art for the global movement to #SaveSoil.

A Cordial Welcome at the Indian Embassy


Back in the cars, we jetted to the next stop at the Indian Embassy where Sadhguru received a warm welcome by Parvathaneni Harish, Ambassador of India to Germany, who expectantly stated that Europe has always been fertile ground for environmental initiatives and will be met with success in the region. Commenting on the empowerment technology endows us with, Sadhguru urged us as a generation to express, through this empowerment, our willingness to go for the long haul for the wellbeing of future generations.

The End of a Long Day


With growling tummies, we headed back to the B&B where we were greeted by the lovely smiles of the dining team. We sat around for dinner choosing Save Soil garments from the boxes laid out: t-shirts, ponchos, hoodies. Armed with Save Soil gear, we headed to our rooms and RVs in preparation for another day of travel. Next stop, Prague.



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