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Save Soil Zips Through The Netherlands

Mar 27, 2022, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

As the morning fog withdrew over the calm waters of the Hook of Holland, the ferry carrying Sadhguru and the Save Soil team made its way into the port. Sadhguru was greeted by a traditional Dutch musical assembly and a cheering crowd of local volunteers. 

En route the Koppert Experience Centre in the Hague, a group of cyclists hopped on their bikes and rode alongside Sadhguru in an enthusiastic expression of wholehearted support for the #SaveSoil movement. A buzzing group of people, young and old, gathered to wish Sadhguru a safe journey, including the Tjeerd de Groot, Member of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands, who expressed his immense gratitude to Sadhguru for the critical endeavor to Save Soil.

At the Koppert Experience Centre, after a short tour around the exhibition on sustainable cultivation, Sadhguru took part in a panel discussion before getting back on the road for the next event at the Embassy of India where.

Sadhguru received a warm welcome by the High Commissioner of India to the Netherlands and addressed an enthralled audience of journalists about the unfolding disaster of soil extinction and the alarming migration of large populations into urban areas as a first step toward famine.


The day ended in a grand finale in Rai Amsterdam. At the public event hosted by well-loved Carice van Houton of the renowned TV series, Game of Thrones, a brimming crowd greeted Sadhguru outside as he pulled up to the event. Carice expressed her deep concern for soil, especially as the mother of a little boy. Sadhguru spoke about the importance of preserving this legacy for her child and future generations.

The audience erupted in heartfelt laughter as a little girl approached the stage to offer Sadhguru a pistachio. Sadhguru closed the talk with a touching appeal to the audience saying that in case he doesn’t make it, the youth must walk these 30,000 kilometers and make it happen. 

The day ended back at the campsite as Sadhguru and the team gathered around for a late dinner and a good night’s rest.

Back on the road the next morning, Sadhguru stopped at the Floriade Expo 2022, the world’s largest gardening expo, where he sat down for a quick chat with TV personality Lodewijk Hoekstra. Sadhguru hit the road once again in full throttle for one of the longest travel days—550 kilometers!

Watch here for a quick glimpse of that day!

Next stop, Berlin.



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