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Telengana Day 86

Jun 30, 2022, Telengana, India

It’s hard to believe we’re almost at the end of this incredible #JourneyForSoil. It’s day 86 and we’re in Telangana, India’s youngest state- it came into existence in 2014. It’s sweltering hot here too but maybe a degree or two lower than the Northern states. 

It seems like yesterday we started out. For most of us it’s been the most intense three months of our lives- a Journey that has been inward as much as it has been relentlessly outward. There is a quality of kinship in the team now that can only come from a shared experience that has erased boundaries and broken limitations like we never imagined possible.

There’s a massive turnout at the GMC Balayogi Sports Complex in Hyderabad where there’s a public conversation scheduled with a popular local actor – Samantha Ruth Prabhu.

As we near the venue, we see the now familiar line-ups, the dancers, the singers and hundreds of people eager to catch a glimpse of their Guru.

When Sadhguru parks his motorcycle at the venue, we witness an unusual scene- a young lady dressed to the nines is prostrating at the wheel and she’s sobbing. We manage to get her to talk. “It is with him for such a long time,” she says referring to the motorcycle. “It is such a dangerous situation. Traveling for 30,000 km is not an easy job,” she’s choking up. “I don’t have any words to explain the amount of love what he is showering on us… I feel like I don’t know whether we’re even worth it or no,” she breaks down sobbing again. “Save Soil! Save Soil!” she pleads.

Inside the stadium, Sadhguru is effortlessly bantering with the audience and Samantha who laughs and applauds frequently throughout the conversation…

And so, another day…another city…but definitely not just another cause. Who would have ever thought that in three months one man would create such a deafening roar for soil! Now, that’s what we call belling the cat in style.



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