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Save Soil: The Motorcycle Diaries

Mar 28, 2022, London, United Kingdom

After months of enthusiastic build-up to Sadhguru’s 100-day, 27 nation, 3-continent journey through the remnant winter snow of Europe, the beating Arabian sun of the Middle East and the generous monsoons of India, the much-awaited day had finally arrived. 

On the days leading up to the flag off, Sadhguru was invited to a variety of events in London, including interaction with Lord Gadhia, and another with Lord Bilimoria at Birmingham University, a visit to the Embassy of India in the UK, a visit to the Embassy of Nepal in the UK, and others. The day before the take-off, Sadhguru addressed over 6,000 participants in a public event at ExCeL London. The event closed with a little girl coming on stage to flag off Sadhguru’s journey. A huge crowd gathered outside the venue as Sadhguru hopped on his bike and drove off.

In a recent address to UK Parliamentarians on March 17, Sadhguru ardently voiced the importance of a girl child in this movement as a way of transcending social divisions of nationality, race, religion and caste, and creed. He said, “When they see a child – a girl child – I believe people’s hearts will become little more tender.” He urged women to take up the movement, speaking of the critical role they play because of the greater concern they have for future generations than the masculine concern. “If you want to say ‘I love you’ to your child, you must just say ‘Save Soil’ because it is a more committed way of saying ‘I love you.’

On the official launch day, against the regal, ornate backdrop of Trafalgar Square in downtown London, Sounds of Isha was setting the stage as curious onlookers joined in song and dance, picking up the steps to the Soil Song jig. Meanwhile, at Parliament Square a few kilometers away, which boasts twelve statues of notable figures, Sadhguru was joined by Lord Gadhia, Lord Bilimoria and High Commissioner of India to the UK, the Honorable Gaitri Kumar.

Addressing the growing group of spectators and well-wishers that had assembled around him, Sadhguru spoke of the importance of this movement in uniting people from all around the world for the single purpose of saving soil. Sadhguru also visited the Mahatma Gandhi statue, offering a flower in tribute. He them stopped at the Basaveshwara statue in an expression of gratitude to the Indian philosopher Basaveshwara who trailblazed the notion of democracy in India.

When Big Ben struck 2:00pm, an enthusiastic crowd gathered around Sadhguru as he got on his bike, cheering for him, shouting “I Love You’s” and expressing their best wishes for his journey.  In a heartfelt tweet, Sadhguru invited everyone to “Talk soil, Sing soil, Breathe soil, Live soil,” stating that “the world must reverberate with one energy for one purpose” over the next 100 days.

 Next stop, The Netherlands.



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