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In Vibrant Vienna

Apr 12, 2022, Vienna, Austria

It’s 5:30 in the morning. Pots and pans have begun to clank away as mouth-watering aroma wafts from the miracle that is the mobile kitchen. It’s run by a gang of magicians. You have to see it to believe it. The mobile kitchen has traveled around 6 hours from Prague to Vienna. When we reach the campsite, the belly of the beast comes alive. The magicians tumble out and roam the city to get ingredients for a classic South Indian meal – as if this in itself wasn’t enough of a feat, they whip up piping hot Sambar & Rice, the lip-smacking South Indian staple.


It’s March 27th and we’re in the beautiful city of Vienna, the capital city of Austria. Its fairytale architecture, rich history and pretty streets have Pride stamped all over them. It’s a beautiful day and the campsite is buzzing with controlled frenzy. It’s laundry day and everyone is just thankful for the beautiful weather and clean clothes!


Earlier as Sadhguru rode into Vienna, it was just amazing to see the joy and enthusiasm with which the city received him. At the Museum Quartier, Bettina Leidl, the Museum Director welcomed him to the city. One of the most beautiful surprises of the trip was when Sadhguru just walked up from behind a man who was enjoying a quiet moment in one of Vienna’s many beautiful parks. The man’s reaction was priceless. He said he never comes out and sits in the park and didn’t know what made him do it that day. “I can’t believe this” he said just overwhelmed and out of words. “This must be a blessed year for me,” he said completely overcome with emotion.


Back at the campsite, a van pulls up with a humongous amount of luggage stuffed, strapped and secured in every available inch. We manage to find the occupants – a cheerful driver and his equally cheerful passenger. “We have so much luggage (in the trunk), you would not believe…every single piece of luggage all the volunteers have…all the way up to the top of the van” Priyank, one of the volunteer drivers says pointing and smiling. Priyank explained that they make a human chain to load and unload the luggage. He picks up his passenger’s arm playfully and says, “Madara got the strength of like ten men.” Madara pumps her arms in a hurrah.


Among Sadhguru’s engagements in Vienna is an event at the Indian Embassy graced by the Ambassador of India to Austria, Mr. Jaideep Mazumdar who quipped that the Save Soil Movement had more supporters than the Austrian population!


Next stop, Slovenia.





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