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Art Matters

The Isha Way
31 January, 2024
7:30 PM

Marlana Carnett, our dedicated art curriculum developer, shares insights into how we nurture creativity in our students. From crafting Papier-Mache masks to painting self-portraits and delving into Japanese art forms like Notan and Origami, discover the diverse art and craft activities that shape young minds and foster a variety of creative expressions.

Isha Vidhya Article | Art Matters

Art welcomes visitors to Isha Vidhya at the entrance, on the school walls (in common areas), on the staircase, inside classrooms, and magnificently in the art and craft room. Marlana Carnett, our art curriculum developer, says that the art lessons have been designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to express their ideas effectively. Read about some of our diverse art and craft activities that give wings to our students’ imagination.


Making Papier-Mache Masks

From Class 2, our students are introduced to Papier-Mache and explore different projects annually. Papier-Mache originated in France but is also traditionally used in Tamil Nadu. Our students reach the peak of their skills in a 3-part lesson, first making Papier-Mache mash, then forming it into a mask, and finally painting the dried form.


Painting Self-Portraits

Building on the art skills they have acquired, such as drawing different lines, shapes, and coloring, starting from UKG, Class 2 students create self-portraits without looking in the mirror. This task helps them visualize their appearance, draw themselves from memory, and gain an understanding of body proportions while drawing and coloring an image of themselves.


Creating a Caterpillar

Class 3 students employ their artistic skills by simply cutting, curling, and pasting colored paper and transforming it into a life-like, moving animal form. Besides learning to create something flexible with paper, they can also play with what they build.


Notan Designs

Notan – a Japanese artform, is introduced to students in Class 4. They learn to harmoniously balance, and blend dark and light forms, and appreciate its striking beauty.


Devising Camouflage Abstracts

Students learn the meaning of 'camouflage', a commonly used French word meaning 'to blend into the environment', with an artistic activity. They explore the design, colors, and textures of a chosen picture, and then skillfully mask it by creatively painting an extension to it. This activity sharpens their observation skills and fosters creative expression.


Origami Greeting Cards

Students begin experimenting with greeting card designs from Class 1, and by Class 6, they learn to make pop-up cards with Origami – a Japanese art with folding paper. The students are always thrilled to learn this new art form and love their colorful ‘pop-up’ creations.

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