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Learning Through Celebration

The Isha Way
30 May, 2024
1:42 PM

Learning at Isha Vidhya occurs in a joyful and spontaneous manner through a festive ambience, innovative arts and crafts activities, and the celebration of students’ special days all contributing to an effortless gathering of knowledge. Read all about it in our latest blog.

Learning Through Celebration

When our Kindergarten students arrive for their first day at school and receive a traditional and festive welcome, it sets the tone for many subsequent lessons learned through revelry. It helps the students learn joyfully and without compulsion, which is pertinent as most come from non-scholastic backgrounds.

Catch a glimpse of our classes, often adorned for a lesson and celebrating learning.


Kindergarten Opening Day

The school campus wears a festive look, with high school students and teachers warmly welcoming the new students and their parents with flowers. The students and their parents participate in the customary Vidyarambham ceremony to initiate the students into the realm of knowledge and learning, after which the principal updates the parents about our curriculum and how the school functions.


Colors Day

KG students get into the groove by coming dressed in colorful clothes. Their classrooms are decorated with clusters of unicolor everyday items to help them learn to identify colors with ease. Playful activities like fingerprinting, palm printing, sorting objects, making flower-petaled pictures, and singing color rhymes make the lesson memorable.


Shapes Day

UKG students create shapes to learn to identify them. Interesting shape-making activities include creating shapes with matchsticks, gram, wheat dough, and wet clay, huddling together to form a shape, wearing shape charts and dancing to shape songs, and wearing straw spectacles. Groups of identically-shaped food items are displayed to heighten learning.


Fruits Day

KG students don fruit cut-outs and sing fruit nursery rhymes with zest and joy. After they learn about the importance and benefits of consuming fruits and the varied taste, smell, colour and texture of each fruit, some students orate about their chosen fruit. But the high point of the day is the finale, when fruit salad is prepared in the school kitchen and served to the eager students.


Grandparents Day

We celebrate the unique bond between children and their grandparents and teach our students to respect and care for them. The proceedings commence with a welcome song and dance performance followed by gifts and handmade cards from the students that typically make their grandparents teary-eyed. The games they play together are always a hit, and usually make the grandparents nostalgic and happy to relive their childhood with their grandchildren.



Birthdays are more significant than festivals for children, and remain etched in their memories. So, Isha Vidhya Cuddalore encourages students to donate and plant a sapling on their birthday. It helps to foster a deeper connection with nature, instils a sense of responsibility for the environment, and shifts the student’s focus from receiving gifts to giving back to the planet.

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