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Girl Power - Scholarship Students Aim High

Human Impact Stories
02 February, 2022
8:47 PM

In this blog post we share some inspiring stories about determination towards a destination, from our girl students on scholarship. These young talented girls have set their aims high, and are striving relentlessly towards their chosen career, empowered by regular online mentoring sessions.

Girl Power - Scholarship Students Aim High

Girl Power - Scholarship Students Aim High

In the current academic year, 49.1% of scholarship students are girls. This figure has steadily risen over the years because Isha Vidhya’s staff has been persuading parents to educate their daughters. A scholarship, chaperoned transport, the mid-day meal, and Yoga are some of the game-changing reasons for these girls, who have made the best of the chance given to them, being sent to school.

Read about how some of our girl students on scholarships are already etching their career paths with the help of various online sessions organized by the school. 


I am inspired by Elon Musk and dream of setting up my own business because I want to make my family financially stable.”
Durka, Class 12, Isha Vidhya Cuddalore

Durka is participating in the online Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development Program conducted by Moonshot Junior Inc. and says, “My school has helped me overcome my inferiority complex and allowed me to develop leadership qualities that will prepare me for the future and empower me to be my own boss.”

Her father passed away in a road accident, leaving the family in a difficult situation financially. Her mother now runs a grocery shop to support the family. These circumstances have made her even more intent on brightening their future. For a start, she hopes to pursue software engineering. 


Law – this one word inspires me to become a lawyer.”
Keerthana, Class 11, Isha Vidhya Villupuram

Keerthana admires Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and wants to fulfill her father’s dream by becoming a lawyer. Besides, since her childhood, her parents and relatives have been commending her oratory skills, which has further cemented her intent. She wants to specialize in Criminal Law and help people, particularly the poor, who have been wrongly punished for crimes they did not commit. Keertana is participating in an online mentoring session by a lawyer who is guiding students on preparing for the profession.

Keertana’s father is a daily wager. She considers herself lucky to have a scholarship to study at a school that is enabling her to pursue her dreams. 


I want to study MBBS or BSMS after Class 12.”
Priyadarshini, Class 12, Isha Vidhya Erode

Priyadarshini’s father is an electrician and the family’s economic situation pushes her to do well academically, especially because she is a single child. Her father inspired her to pursue medicine and it works well since she loves biology.

Priyadarshini is attending the online National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) coaching sessions by Isha Vidhya volunteers that are familiarizing her with the examination patterns. Besides serving people medically, Priyadarshini wants to volunteer as a doctor for a few years in the Indian Army and at the Isha Foundation.

Besides being a class topper, she has won prizes in art and science activities and says that Isha Vidhya has nurtured her and honed her abilities. 


I want to become an IFS (Indian Foreign Service) officer.”
Sathana, Class 8, Isha Vidhya Cuddalore

When she was 10, Sathana was an onlooker when our Hon'ble Prime Minister visited Tamil Nadu along with the Chinese President. The IFS officer accompanying them impressed her so much that she resolved to become one too. Her teachers too encourage her to pursue the path as she is a good orator, is multi-talented, and has the aptitude for it.

Sathana says her parents’ encouragement motivates her to study well. She has also won prizes in science activities and an appreciation certificate for animated videos she made as part of an online workshop conducted by Vaayusastra Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. These videos of the 13-year-old are now up on YouTube. 


“I want to work as a nutritionist or a dietitian.”
Adikeerthana, Class 12, Isha Vidhya, Coimbatore

Adikeerthana was deeply impacted when her grandmother passed away from complications due to obesity. This is why she wants to become a nutritionist or a dietitian and help those who suffer from it. Adikeerthana says that the online Get Mentored sessions gave her direction for pursuing higher studies. She’s thankful for the online classes that ensured uninterrupted study even during the lockdown and enjoyed the online competitions during festivals that made her feel like she was in school.

Motivated to excel academically due to her family’s financial situation, this scholarship student stood second in Class 10, scoring 94%, and has been a class and school leader.

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