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Students For Soil

Raise your voice as a student, to Save Soil for generations to come.

AGES 13+

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Inspire Policy Change

Send your message to the leaders of your country about your concern for soil in the form of a letter, artwork or video.

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Showcase your Message

You can showcase your message on the Save Soil website to inspire people from around the world to take action and receive your Save Soil badge.

If you are a teacher

Submit details to receive acknowledgement badge for your students once the letters are sent to the leaders of your country

Vì sao điều này lại quan trọng?

Through the simple act of educating ourselves and spreading the word, we are empowered to show our concern for soil and support our leaders in one voice! A big Yes from each one of us creates the necessary impact which cannot be ignored.

A small step taken to spread a drop of this movement will go a long way in making this a powerful wave. Do not underestimate the size of a drop as a drop is an ocean by itself!

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