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From Fallow Land to Forest: Nagarathinam's Journey of Abundance with Cauvery Calling

Human Impact Stories
01 June, 2024
5:09 PM

Nagarathinam transformed barren land into a thriving tree-based farm with Cauvery Calling. Her story is an inspiration for all! Read how she doubled her income and created a sustainable future.

From Fallow Land to Forest: Nagarathinam's Journey of Abundance with Cauvery Calling

Nagarathinam's story is not just about transforming land, it is about transforming lives. Inheriting a 24-acre plot with a struggling coconut farm and a barren north section, Nagarathinam, along with her husband Dr. Manickaraj, embarked on a remarkable journey of sustainable farming with the guidance of Isha's Cauvery Calling initiative.

The Power of Trees

Initially, the north side of the farm seemed like a lost cause. But Nagarathinam, driven by a desire to use the area, started small. Mango, chikoo, and guava trees brought life to the land. Strategic planting of teak along irrigation bunds not only provided valuable timber but also became a testament to their growth strategy.

Double the Income, Double the Joy


Nagarathinam's story does not end there. Through a Cauvery Calling workshop, she learned the art of cultivating pepper under established trees. This "double income" approach proved to be a game-changer, generating an additional Rs.150,000 last year alone!

A Model of Self-Sufficiency: Integrated Farming at its Best

Nagarathinam and Dr. Manickaraj are true believers in integrated farming. Their land boasts not just trees but also a thriving livestock population – goats, cows, hens, ducks, and even fish. Waste from the animals becomes nutrient-rich manure, while jeevamrutham, a natural bio-fertilizer, is produced six days a week. This closed-loop system eliminates the need for external fertilizers, making their farm a model of self-sufficiency.

Turning the Tide: A Legacy for Generations

Nagarathinam's success extends beyond her own farm. Drip irrigation, adopted 25 years ago, has become a cornerstone of her water management strategy. This not only conserves water but also sets an example of sustainable practices for other farmers in the area.

Be a Part of the Change

Nagarathinam's story is a beacon of hope for farmers seeking a more sustainable and profitable future. "Anyone can confidently do this tree-based agriculture," she says with conviction. "We are a living example; you can visit our farm anytime."

Editor's Note: Join the Cauvery Calling movement and be a part of the solution. Together, let's revitalize Cauvery, empower farmers, and create a legacy of abundance for generations to come.

Inspired by Nagarathinam's journey? Visit Cauvery Calling to learn more about the program and become a donor.

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