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From Teacher to Tree Steward: Shanthi Sivakumar's Inspiring Journey with Cauvery Calling

Human Impact Stories
29 June, 2024
8:51 AM

This teacher traded textbooks for treetops! Shanthi Sivakumar found a sustainable future with Cauvery Calling. Read her inspiring story of success and environmental impact.

From Teacher to Tree Steward: Shanthi Sivakumar's Inspiring Journey with Cauvery Calling

Namaskaram. Today, we meet Shanthi Sivakumar, a remarkable woman who traded the classroom for a different kind of growth – one that nourishes not just minds, but the very land itself. Her story, nestled amidst the 15-acre farm in Mayanur, Karur district, is a testament to the transformative power of Cauvery Calling's tree-based agriculture model.

A Turning Point: Reimagining the Farm

Sivakumar's farm, once dedicated to paddy and sugarcane, faced a familiar challenge – shrinking labor resources. The traditional model was just not sustainable. Enter Cauvery Calling, offering a solution as vibrant as the future it promised: tree-based agriculture. The idea of transforming her land into an "oasis" resonated deeply. Here was a chance to secure her future while nurturing the environment.

From Seedlings to Success: A Symphony of Growth

Fast forward a few months, and Sivakumar's farm pulsates with life. Rows of majestic trees like Yellow Teak, Mahogany, and Crocodile Bark stand tall, their emerald leaves whispering promises of future abundance. Intercrops like Ash Gourd and Watermelon offer a taste of immediate success, while the timber giants silently build their value, requiring minimal care.

A Sustainable Ecosystem: Nature's Helping Hand

But the beauty does not stop there. Sivakumar's farm is a harmonious ecosystem. A herd of 10 cows and 60 sheep graze freely, their waste providing natural manure, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals. Drip irrigation ensures water conservation, a crucial element in reviving Cauvery River.


Beyond Financial Rewards: A Legacy for Generations

This shift towards tree-based agriculture is not just about financial security. It is about creating a legacy. As Sivakumar proudly points out, a mere six-month-old tree already thrives, a symbol of a future brimming with possibilities. The income from timber, coupled with potential revenue streams from pepper vines and future generations of livestock, paints a picture of long-term prosperity.

Join the Movement, Be a Part of the Change

Shanthi Sivakumar's story is more than just inspiring; it is a call to action. By supporting Cauvery Calling, you become a partner in this transformative journey. You empower farmers like Sivakumar to secure their livelihoods while revitalizing Cauvery, the lifeblood of millions. Together, we can create a future where nature thrives, and communities prosper.

Are you ready to be a Cauvery Calling hero? Donate today and be a part of the change!

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