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From Tech to Trees: Kiran Kumar's Agricultural Revolution

Human Impact Stories
22 December, 2023
10:30 AM

Kiran Kumar's profound lifestyle shift from a technology job to farming shows how sustainable agriculture can blend environmental care with financial security and personal wellbeing. Embracing crop diversity and eco-friendly practices, he enjoys newfound peace and autonomy.

From Tech to Trees: Kiran Kumar's Agricultural Revolution

Kiran Kumar’s transition from a high-pressure role in the Optical Fiber division of Jio in Pune to a peaceful life as a farmer in Yalaganahalli, Kanthur Gram Panchayati, Alur Taluk, Hassan District, exemplifies the transformative power of sustainable agriculture. His journey from a demanding corporate job to overseeing a serene plantation marks a significant personal and professional shift. In his current role, employing 10 people and nurturing a variety of crops, Kumar enjoys the autonomy of working at his own pace and finds contentment in his close connection with nature.


Kumar emphasizes the importance of crop diversification. By planting a variety of trees that mature at different times, he ensures continuous growth and harvest and avoids the pitfalls of monoculture. He cultivates pepper, timber, and various fruits alongside his mainstay of coffee cultivation and optimizes land use by growing jackfruit and butter fruit between coconut trees, which not only add to profitability but also help maintain ecological balance.

Kumar underscores the financial security timber provides and states that in times of emergencies or significant expenses, the sale of trees acts as a financial safety net, supporting family needs like healthcare, education, or house building without external aid. Relying on drip irrigation and sprinklers powered by borewells to grow eight teak trees, he recently harvested them and expects to sell them for ₹30,000 to ₹35,000 each without additional investment.

Kumar's story is a testament to the viability and fulfillment found in sustainable farming, demonstrating how a diversified agricultural practice can cater to immediate needs while securing future financial stability.

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