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Broadening Horizons

Field Stories
19 May, 2022
12:49 PM

Isha Vidhya frequently conducts numerous workshops for students in high school, who are on the precipice of graduation and choosing career paths. The aim is to reduce the strain on them of getting accepted into their desired college and pursuing their dreams. Online workshops are conducted on subjects ranging from big history and animation to training for national level exams like JEE, NEET, and the National Defense Academy exams. Students find these workshops invaluable in knowing how to step on their desired career path.

Broadening Horizons

The majority of Isha Vidhya students have little knowledge of how to go about planning and pursuing higher studies. We have conducted numerous workshops to ease the strain on them of trying to get accepted into their desired college and to facilitate advanced knowledge of what different professions offer.

Read about these online workshops, which students are eagerly attending based on their interests and career goals.

Big History

Since September, Shalini Chaudhari, Associate VP, Infosys, has been conducting weekly online sessions on “Big History” for students of class 8 and above. The objective of these sessions is to educate them about the evolution of the Earth, the universe, the Big Bang Theory, Ancient Civilizations, and other topics. These sessions unite knowledge from various disciplines across a wide timeframe and help students see connections between everything. Students receive articles, videos and related activities, and also get to attend a live session to get their questions answered. Yuvadarshini of Isha Vidhya Dharmapuri says, “The evolution lessons have enhanced my understanding of zoology, and I’ve benefitted from self-learning, weekly tests and activities, and live sessions. Surfing the internet and taking notes for these sessions will be useful when I pursue higher studies.”


Forever Learning

Atul Pant, the founder of the Timeless Lifeskills Foundation, has been conducting “Forever Learning” sessions for over 300 students from classes 6-9 since September. Every week, he introduces a new technology-based activity like animation, or simulation for them to complete in a week.

These sessions aim to prepare students to be “future-ready”, i.e., to have the right skills to be employable and entrepreneurial.

Dharun, a scholarship student of Isha Vidhya Erode, says, “These sessions are a great opportunity for me to learn additional courses without spending money. I’ve already learned about basic coding, electrical circuits, and gained knowledge about London.”


A Lawyer as a Mentor

Since June of this year, Aditi Joshi, a legal consultant, has been mentoring class 11 students who want to pursue a career in law. She conducts fortnightly online sessions to guide students on preparing for law as a profession and begins with some online games to help students be at ease and become more participative.

Sri Madesh of Isha Vidhya Dharmapuri, who has dreamed of becoming an advocate since the age of 12, says, “The sessions have given me a direction of how to go about fulfilling my dreams. I got to know about the course details and Aditi akka gives us useful suggestions – like the importance of conversation and taking notes.”


Training for NEET/JEE

Isha Vidhya volunteers conduct a one-hour online coaching session every day for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) and Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for over 400 Class 11 and 12 students.

The volunteers are primarily concerned with familiarizing students with the examination patterns. They often give students tips on becoming more proficient and have also taught them several useful and time-saving shortcuts to solve mathematical problems and derivations.

AdhiKeerthana of Isha Vidhya Coimbatore, who aspires to become an orthopaedist, says, “I find the sessions very helpful. Grasping the concepts and getting any questions answered is so easy. I’m feeling more confident now about taking the exams.”


Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development Program

Class 12 students and Isha Vidhya alumni – 80 in all – are participating in a 9-week Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development Program conducted by Moonshot Junior Inc. and sponsored by Day Anna (donor). Global instructors and experts conduct the tri-weekly sessions to train them in entrepreneurial and leadership skills like starting a business from scratch, launching a product, analyzing employability prospects, and so on.

Hemalatha of Isha Vidhya Cuddalore aspires to become a pastry chef and set up her own business. She says, “The program has made me more confident, developed my communication skills, and I now think even more about setting up my new venture, because of this.”


NDA Coaching

Since last year, eight Isha Vidhya volunteers have been coaching 16 class 12 students (including four girls) online for an hour every day in preparation for the National Defence Academy (NDA) exams, which will be held on 14 November 2021. Students are assessed every Sunday and the results are analyzed and discussed to help them improve. They also play online games together once a month to strengthen their bond. The team has frequent telephonic conversations with the students to solicit feedback and to get to know them better in order to best support them.

Nahulprasath of Isha Vidhya Erode is inspired to join the Indian Armed Forces by his aunt, an Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot. He says the sessions are preparing him well for the entrance exams as well as the Services Selection Board Interview.


Web Development Training

Since September of this year, two software professionals (volunteers) have been training 300 students of classes 9-12 in two groups, thrice a week, in website development. Students in Group 1 log in to watch pre-recorded videos and self-learn akin to the Coursera website, while Group 2 students attend live online classes.

After learning HTML and CSS - level 1, they will create a website by themselves, thereby gaining hands-on experience. They will then learn Java, Python, and Angular, which will give them an edge in college and even enable them to freelance while pursuing undergraduate studies.

Kishore, a class 12 student of Isha Vidhya Cuddalore, aspires to work as a software engineer at Google and says that the sessions are greatly helping him develop and improve his coding skills.

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