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#IshaCovidAction: Isha offers food to villagers and energy boosters to medicos, frontline workers!

Field Stories
03 July, 2021
4:08 PM

Isha has been conducting various social welfare measures and support activities daily to rein in the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Karnataka, particularly in rural communities. Isha has also been supporting medical and frontline workers carry on their essential work.

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An army, they say, travels on its stomach. In the war against the pandemic, Isha has taken up the responsibility of supplying nutritious food, snacks and health drinks to COVID workers to keep their spirits and energies flying high. Moreover, Isha has been conducting various social welfare measures and support activities daily to rein in the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Karnataka, particularly in rural communities.

Offering Nutrition To Tribals & Villagers

Over the last 60 days, Isha volunteers have traveled long distances to distribute over 1000 ration kits containing food grains and essential items among rural communities in Chikkaballapur district.

Isha has also provided food grains and essentials to help the nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes tide over the pandemic crisis. These tribal communities, staying in remote villages of the Chikkaballapur district, have been hit hard owing to livelihood loss during the COVID lockdown.

The ration kits were distributed among the tribal communities by the Medical Education, Karnataka, Dr. K Sudhakar, in the presence of the District Commissioner of Chikkaballapur, R Latha, and other senior government officials.


Last week, Isha distributed ration kits to three tribal-dominated villages, Soliga, Jenukurba and Kadu Kuruba, in Gundlupete – a municipal town of the Chamarajanagar district which is known as the “flower pot of Karnataka”, owing to the expansive sunflower and marigold farms located there.

Energy Boosters For COVID Workers

Isha has been supplying nutritious snacks, fruits, and healthy beverages at 60 government hospitals in 21 cities in Karnataka, every day since 24 April 2021. Isha volunteers are visiting the hospitals daily to help the doctors, nurses, health care teams, and other COVID frontline workers beat hunger pangs. Nourishing snacks, fruits, and refreshing drinks are being provided to boost their energy as they put in long hours at work while caring for COVID patients and battling against the pandemic.

Isha has also been supplying snacks, fruit packets, health drinks, N95 masks, and COVID medical kits to the police personnel, patients, and the needy for the last 60 days.


In Chikkaballapur district, volunteers have been paying daily visits to all district and taluk government hospitals to supply snacks and beverages to medical teams. To help take medical attention to patients in nearby villages, Isha has also donated medical equipment, ECG machines, and other hospital care items at a newly-opened hospital in the same district.

Online Counselling

While the volunteers are providing food grains, snacks and beverages to villagers and frontline workers, 250 doctors who are volunteering with Isha are providing timely advice and assistance to COVID patients and their families. The doctors support government hospitals and civic bodies by coordinating with the BBMP and the State Health Department to provide online assistance to COVID patients and their family members to deal with the pandemic crisis.


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