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Isha’s Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) initiative aims to transform the Indian farmer’s life from one of debt traps, suicide and dwindling resources, to one of prosperity, market access and sustainability. Velliangiri Uzhavan Farmer Producer Organisation is a Isha supported FPO, which is facilitated by the Small Farmer Agribusiness Consortium [SFAC], Department of Agriculture. Starting operations in November, 2013 in Thondamuthur Block, Coimbatore district. The FPO  provides technical, financial and marketing support for farmers.


Isha’s FPO movement is fueled by a vision to find micro- and macro-agricultural solutions to the farmer’s bottom line.


Poised to be the engine of change that rural India needs, this initiative aims to support farming communities to organize
themselves into profitable enterprises.

How We Do It


The Problem

Farmers typically face problems like delayed harvesting, high labor wages, exploitation by market middlemen. Obtaining fertilizers and pesticides at a low cost, getting counseling for agricultural problems, and receiving updates on new technologies are some of the other aspects farmers in rural India struggle with.


Our Solution

The implementation plan/strategy of creating an FPO is to create a community of farmers and provide support at every stage of the growing process, including inputs (fertilizers/pesticides), growing and harvesting the crops, and marketing the produce.

Isha interventions include training the farmers in marketing skills, increasing their productivity through training and technology, and finding new avenues for economic benefits.

  • Subsidized agricultural shops provide farmers with pesticides, fertilizers, and other materials at reduced rates.
  • Velliangiri Uzhavan provides farmers with laborers, free of cost, so that the farmer does not have to hire people for harvesting and other activities.
  • The FPO organizes transport of the harvest for farmers to wholesalers and the market, thus reducing their expenses.
  • Exposure visits and trainings are organized for farmers so that they are kept up to date in their know-how of technologies and how to take care of their crops
  • The FPO keeps farmers informed of market rates and sets a standard price for their various crops. Thus, no one is cheated as the entire community is aware of the current rate.
  • Farmers are also provided support in irrigation and implementing government schemes

Overall Benefits

  • Farmers are able to harvest and selling their produce without any difficulties
  • Compared to outside mediators, farmers receive more profit by selling through Velliangiri Uzhavan
  • Farmers are able to avail all types of organic and inorganic fertilizers and pesticides at a low cost
  • The FPO acts as a bridge between farmers and Government departments, so that farmers receive benefits like drip irrigation and crop insurance.
  • The FPO helps farmers form liability groups and link them with nationalized banks, so that they are able to get loans at low interest rates.

Impact of FPO's

Farmer Count
Women Farmers
70% Plus
Small & Marginal Farmers
₹11.95 Crores
Total Turnover in 2018-19
FPO National Ranking
Success stories

4 stories Farmer Producer Organization (FPOs)

Story of V. Kittusamy

Success Story of a Coconut farmer

In our village, 60% of the farmers are involved in coconut cultivation, including me. Velliangiri Uzhavan is functioning here since 2013. I am one of the members in this company.
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What You Can Do



Support us in enabling the rural community to lead a better life.


Are you passionate about changing the life of people in rural India? Then join hands with us to make a difference!
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