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Initially common usage toilets were created in villages, but these were not kept hygienic and clean, due to which people slowly stopped using them. Furthermore, in the villages woman mainly suffered due to the lack of toilets in the house, as they had to go into open spaces to relieve themselves, many times waiting until dark to do so. They also had to ask other women to accompany them for safety. This has become an urgent need to create hygenic toilets for public use.

The project aims to help in the creation of a clean India as envisioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi by 2019.

How We Do It


The plan for this project is to create toilets in as many households as possible in the Thondamuthur block to begin with and create awareness on the need for toilets and maintaining hygiene in these spaces. Houses are given application forms, so that priority is given to families with elderly or physically challenged people. The family digs a pit outside the house and Isha then helps create the entire toilet structure.

They are told how to keep the toilet hygienic and maintain cleanliness. Once the toilets are constructed, awareness programs are held to explain the importance of using toilets and how to maintain them.


Story of N. Muthulakshmi

Story of Project Clean Toilets

Being a woman, however, my problem was I couldn’t go to the toilet during the day time. I would have to wait till night and ask other women to accompany me to be safe.
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What You Can Do



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