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With the second wave of COVID-19 ravaging India, Isha is increasing its interventions countrywide. In coordination with local government bodies and other NGOs, we are planning to provide critical support in Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi, in addition to our continued COVID action in Coimbatore and adjoining rural areas, which began in April last year.


With the upsurge in COVID-19 cases, hospitals are unable to cope with the demand for medical intervention. Our efforts will be to support patients and medical staff in government hospitals, and frontline workers. Support our efforts..

How We Do It

Corona relief package is distributed by Isha Outreach Volunteer

Supporting the Hardest-Hit Groups

During this second wave, the virus is severely impacting available healthcare services. Patients are finding it hard to get hospital beds and oxygen, while healthcare and frontline workers are struggling to cope with the increased pressure. To ease the strain, Isha Outreach is offering support to these vulnerable groups.

Our interventions include:

Providing Dignity in Death

A dedicated group of Isha volunteers have stepped up to keep the Kayanta Sthanams fully operational so that the bereaved can bid a final farewell to the departed. Our efforts to provide Dignity in Death will benefit the poor in major cities in Tamil Nadu.

  • Cremation services: Expansion of 15 crematoriums run by Isha in Chennai and Coimbatore with additional temporary furnaces as well as increasing the availability of existing furnaces.
  • Transportation of the Deceased: 40 mortuary vans to transport the dead from the overflowing mortuaries of Govt. hospitals
  • Last rites: Family members will get enough time and assistance to pay their last respects to their loved ones, while adhering to all the safety protocols.

● Free transport for poor patients to hospitals and COVID Care Centers

● Safety kits and nutritious food packs for Govt. hospitals and frontline workers

● Training volunteers in Simha Kriya and other simple immunity-boosting Yogic practices that will reach large numbers of the public, educational institutions, and companies

● Operating COVID Support Lines to provide emotional support and Telemedicine through volunteer doctors

● Providing insurance cover for vulnerable sections like sanitary and frontline workers

● Offering Isha Vidhya Schools to the Tamil Nadu Govt. as COVID Care Centers if the need arises

Isha is distributing medical kits such as Masks, sanitizer, Shoe covers, Protective goggles, etc. to health workers

Support Our Efforts

Our interventions require a wide spectrum of equipment and resources.

Each of the COVID Care Centers will require Rs. 70 lakh to 2 crore depending on the number of beds, as well as ambulances which will cost Rs. 2-3 lakh each.

Our focused interventions in Coimbatore are expected to cost about Rs. 5 crore.

Besides these, other interventions will cost several lakhs each, depending on the length and intensity of the second COVID wave.

India’s need is urgent. You can contribute and make a difference.

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What You Can Do

Beat the Virus


Isha Outreach is on a mission to protect vulnerable communities from coronavirus

Support our awareness campaigns to let people know the importance of rural programs and initiatives.

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