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Isha ARR uses sport as an entry level activity in rural communities. Over the last two and half decades, the biggest practical insight we gained through our work in rural communities is that sport is not only a means to enhance physical performance and wellbeing in disadvantaged rural communities – it also serves to promote broader revitalization when matched with appropriate development initiatives. 

Sports are a tool with the potential to unite mankind and take communities beyond caste, creed and parentage. It is a means to enable an individual to go beyond his limitations and function in a certain exuberance of life. It also increases receptivity to effectively raise awareness about important issues such as health, nutrition and wellbeing.

How We Do It


Games are an integral part of Isha’s rural rejuvenation efforts. They give villagers a new level of wellbeing while breaking caste barriers, helping in addiction recovery and renewing a sense of community. Involving over 3,000 teams and 35,000 players, Isha Gramotsavam is creating a wave in Tamil Nadu, which is now spreading to Andhra Pradesh with the partnership of UNICEF. The games bring together villagers – old and young, men and women – from all backgrounds and economic levels. Adult women, and especially older women, playing games was unthinkable just a few years ago. But sports has brought them confidence, inspiring them to transform their lives. The new sense of bonding has led to the growth of community-based village libraries, microloans and exuberant sporting festivals, changing people’s lives in many ways.


Success stories

1 story Sports for Transformation

Can a Ball Really Change the World?

Can a Ball Really Change the World?

A very touching story that emerged was that of the ladies who came from Sontyam, a village in Andhra Pradesh. Against all odds, they cleared all their preliminary matches and made it to the grand finale.
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What You Can Do



Support us in enabling the rural community to lead a better life.Support us in enabling the rural community to lead a better life.


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