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Join the battle against COVID-19; help us beat the virus

Field Stories
18 April, 2020
5:16 PM

Isha volunteers are on the frontlines of this battle to beat Coronavirus, working tirelessly to reach food and relief to people living in villages. They are also protecting our saviours by distributing safety kits among essential service providers.

Distributing coronavirus relief and food for village people

As the number of COVID-19 patients continues to grow alarmingly across the globe, the battle to arrest the spread of the disease has galvanized Coronavirus warriors across the nation. Armed with a holistic solution, Isha Outreach volunteers have initiated coordinated efforts to beat the pandemic.


Isha Outreach’s multi-pronged plan to beat the virus includes providing food, spreading awareness, supporting farmers to sell their produce, distributing protection kits among our saviours - the essential service providers - and augmenting the capacity of primary health care services.

The tailor-made COVID-19 combat plan has been designed by collating inputs from Isha Outreach’s huge network of ground support team members, government agencies, primary health centers (PHC) and community leaders.

A phase-wise implementation of the welfare programmes has already begun in several villages in the Thondamuthur block of Coimbatore.


The spirited Isha Outreach volunteers, who will be out in the field for several months, aim to vanquish the pandemic while providing succour to the people living in villages and essential service providers.

Along with threat of the pandemic, lack of livelihood and scarcity of food have emerged as two major worries for the villagers. To help them deal with this crisis, Isha Outreach volunteers are distributing food and “Nilavembu Kashayam”, a herbal health drink to improve immunity, daily.


To heighten public awareness against the pandemic and equip people to protect themselves, Isha Outreach volunteers in association with the state health department and the local police, have begun distributing informative videos and leaflets. As a part of this campaign, public announcements and posters are also being used effectively to impress upon the villagers the importance of adopting preventive measures.


In this battle against COVID-19, it is of critical importance to keep our saviours safe. To ensure the safety of our essential service providers, Isha volunteers are giving protection kits containing face masks and sanitizers to medical personnel, sanitation staff, police personnel, panchayat workers and ration shop workers in several villages. Fumigation material has also been kept ready for disinfection of villages.

The battle against COVID-19 is being waged under the aegis of Isha Outreach’s existing rural outreach program called ‘Action for Rural Rejuvenation’ (ARR) which has been delivering rural health benefits to the masses since 2003.

Initiated by Sadhguru in 2003, ARR is a pioneering social outreach campaign that seeks to transform the lives of India’s rural poor. ARR has taken a comprehensive approach to deal with complex challenges faced by rural communities by implementing a range of health, livelihood and community revitalization programs.

An Appeal

Let us combat Coronavirus together by pooling in our resources - physical, intellectual and financial. With your support, we hope to protect 2 lakh people residing in 90 villages under 17 different panchayats from the looming threat of COVID-19. Join us in our efforts to prevent the pandemic from entering rural India. Donate now 


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease that causes respiratory illness with symptoms such as cough, fever, and in severe cases causes difficulty in breathing, pneumonia, and even death. The disease is now spreading rapidly across the country. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak as a pandemic and called upon countries across the globe to take immediate measures and scale up response to treat, detect and reduce transmission of the disease to save people’s lives.

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sreenivasulu naidu
23 May, 2021
Namaskar...I am from Bangalore and Isha seeker....I would like to support as volunteer for covid outreach and also we can cook food for needy and deliver in Bangalore for needy....can somebody pl guide
Suresh Babu Babu
30 April, 2020
SADHGURU!Namaskaram!overwhelmed by our support to covid-19 pandemic,since I have been in "electricity board"essential service.why don't include electricity,fire dept,water services and other essential people in free programmes.since we never took a leave for the past 40 days around ,I will also tell our people to participate! please do the needful!
Ramaraju Nadimpalli
20 April, 2020
I am in Hyderabad, Bachupally area. How can I help the poor.near by my place as part of Isha volunteering. If needed, who can arrange the pass from police.
20 April, 2020
The war to fight Covid-19 is an unprecedented one in modern times. Even the latest in science and technology is not able to really control or contain it. Humanity is increasingly becoming aware of the need for selfless service and united effort keeping aside the differences of caste, creed, religion and even nationality. The medical and related services, Police forces, voluntary organizations and many individuals are doing worship worthy service. An increasing number of People are looking up to Yoga as a science and technology for real human wellbeing in these challenging times.
Isha Yoga Center, as always is doing an outstanding work on all the above fronts. The Isha Volunteers under the ARR (Action for Rural
Rejuvenation) program of Isha Outreach have become Covid warriors. They are working non stop to spread awareness, provide protection kits, offer food and medical aid to 90 villages around the Yoga Center. They are working in coordination with the Primary Health Centers (PHC) and other Govt bodies to reach the maximum number of people.
Fighting this pandemic will require immediate and long term physical, intellectual and financial efforts and help from every individual and organization.
We appeal to one and all to extend a helping hand to Isha Volunteers in every possible way, be it physical or financial.

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