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Global Policy Draft Recommendations

Every nation needs to create policies to revitalize soil.

Conscious Planet’s Save Soil movement is an effort to awaken citizens around the world to the state of soil, and urge their governments to frame and execute the necessary policies to regenerate soil.

These policy books seek to offer practical, scientific policy recommendations that governments can put into action to revitalize the soil in their nation.

This is an effort to develop a policy for soil regeneration on the planet, based on soil types, latitudinal positions and agricultural traditions of a given nation.

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Download Global Policy Handbook

7 Regional Policies

For Farmers

Sustainable Soil Management

Find specific sustainable soil management practices to improve soil health in your country


Help Enrich the Policy Recommendations and Solutions:

These policy recommendations encapsulate the current state of soil science to the best of our knowledge. But soil science is a complex and evolving field, and we invite scientists and experts to send us constructive updates and inputs to improve these recommendations. Write to us at


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