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Expert healthcare just a call away

Partner Spotlight
11 May, 2019
11:05 AM

Isha’s Rural Health Clinic joins hands with Apollo Hospitals Group to launch its Telemedicine initiative, bringing the skill of doctors from various Apollo hospitals, to the rural people.

Expert healthcare just a call away

Isha’s Alandurai Isha Rural Health Clinic(IRHC) joined hands with Apollo Hospitals to launch its Telemedicine initiative – the first Telemedicine rural center in Tamil Nadu. Through the facility, patients at the IRHC can receive specialist consultation from the skilled doctors of various Apollo hospitals in Hyderabad, Chennai, New Delhi and Mumbai. Each day will be allotted to one particular area of healthcare and expertise. Plans are being laid out to eventually allow for super-specialty consultation on a daily basis. Consultations began immediately with two doctors coming online today. Currently, a high-quality camera is being used for patient interaction. Eventually, more detailed interaction and exchange of information will happen with the possibility to exchange data such as ECGs conducted at the IRHC etc. with the doctors.

The initiative was launched on 19th February by Apollo Hospitals Group Chairman Dr. Prathap C Reddy and Coimbatore Collector Mr. Karunakaran, in the presence of Sadhguru. Mr. Karunakaran, spoke about Isha’s wonderful rural medicine initiatives as part of its Action for Rural Rejuvenation (ARR) initiative, the holistic medicine initiative, Isha Arogya which includes Ayurveda and Siddha therapies. He said that the Telemedicine initiative was a path-breaking moment for healthcare in Alandurai. Dr. Prathap Reddy expressed his gratitude at being a part of this initiative of bringing effective healthcare to rural populations. He spoke about how the 70,000-strong Apollo family would ensure that the initiative was a success. Afterwards, Sadhguru spoke about the upcoming Isha Arogya Hospital near the Isha Yoga Center. He stressed the importance of human beings bringing internal wellbeing along with external wellbeing.

Telemedicine brings healthcare within reach of people residing in medically inaccessible areas. It allows patients to seek immediate medical care in case of an emergency or otherwise. With this technology, patients will also be able to share their medical reports – videos or radiology images – to ensure an all-round investigation and an accurate diagnosis. Telemedicine also brings doctors in touch with their peers to discuss complicated cases or to get specialized help remotely.

Through the Telemedicine facility at the Isha Rural Health Clinic, patients can receive specialist consultation for all diseases, including diabetes, heart diseases, neurological diseases, respiratory diseases, gastritis, knee injuries and disorders, kidney and urological diseases and pediatric diseases.

IRHCs – which are operated under Isha Foundation’s Action for Rural Rejuvenation (ARR) project, provide communities with easy-to-access, affordable and expert healthcare services. Currently, four IRHCs in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Salem and Velayuthampalayam are providing medical facilities and bringing modern healthcare benefits to nearby rural villages.

With over 8500 beds across 54 hospitals within and outside India, the Apollo Hospitals Group is one of the largest healthcare groups in Asia. Apollo Hospitals is known for its exceptional clinical success rates and superior technology. To share their experience and expertise to provide affordable rural healthcare, the group started their Telemedicine initiative in 2000.

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